Included taxa

Prószyński, J. (2017b). Pragmatic classification of the World's Salticidae (Araneae). Ecologica Montenegrina 12: 1-133. download pdf

Valid taxa Family Page / figures published as
Abracadabrella elegans Salticidae 33, f. 14B, 17B (mf) Abracadabrella elegans
Acragas longimanus Salticidae 69, f. 31A (m) Acragas longimanus
Acragas peckhami Salticidae 69, f. 31B (f) Acragas peckhami
Admestina tibialis Salticidae 80, f. 34A (mf) Admestina tibialis
Admesturius bitaeniatus Salticidae 69, f. 31C (mf) Admesturius bitaeniatus
Aelurillus bokerinus Salticidae 97, f. 43O (mf) Aelurillus bokerinus
Aelurillus minutus Salticidae 95, f. 43Q (m, removed from S of Aelurillus [sub Rafalus] stanislawi) Aelurillus minutus
Afraflacilla altera Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla altera
Afraflacilla arabica Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla arabica
Afraflacilla bipunctata Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla bipunctata
Afraflacilla braunsi Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla braunsi
Afraflacilla braunsi Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) [NB: listed separately, but S with A. braunsi not rejected] Afraflacilla tripunctata
Afraflacilla datuntata Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla datuntata
Afraflacilla elegans Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla elegans
Afraflacilla eximia Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla eximia
Afraflacilla fayda Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla fayda
Afraflacilla flavipes Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla flavipes
Afraflacilla histrionica Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla histrionica
Afraflacilla imitator Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla imitator
Afraflacilla javanica Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla javanica
Afraflacilla karinae Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla karinae
Afraflacilla kraussi Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla kraussi
Afraflacilla mikhailovi Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla mikhailovi
Afraflacilla mushrif Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla mushrif
Afraflacilla philippinensis Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla philippinensis
Afraflacilla punctata Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla punctata
Afraflacilla refulgens Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla refulgens
Afraflacilla reiskindi Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla reiskindi
Afraflacilla roberti Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla roberti
Afraflacilla spiniger Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla spiniger
Afraflacilla tamaricis Salticidae 43, f. 19A (mf, T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla tamaricis
Afraflacilla venustula Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla venustula
Afraflacilla wadis Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla wadis
Afraflacilla zuluensis Salticidae 43 (T from Pseudicius) Afraflacilla zuluensis
Afromarengo bimaculata Salticidae 90, f. 40A, 41A (mf) Afromarengo bimaculata
Agelista andina Salticidae 61, f. 27Z, 28A (mf) Agelista andina
Agobardus anormalis Salticidae 77, f. 33L (mf) Agobardus anormalis
Agorius gracilipes Salticidae 97, f. 43B (f) Agorius gracilipes
Agorius lindu Salticidae 97, f. 43A (m) Agorius lindu
Aillutticus nitens Salticidae 69, f. 31D (mf) Aillutticus nitens
Ajaraneola mastigophora Salticidae 107, f. 47D, 48L (mf) Ajaraneola mastigophora
Albionella propria Salticidae 129, f. 57E (f) Albionella propria
Alfenus calamistratus Salticidae 107, f. 47E, 48M (m) Alfenus calamistratus
Allococalodes madidus Salticidae 119, f. 52L (mf) Allococalodes madidus
Allodecta maxillaris Salticidae 83, f. 37B (m) Allodecta maxillaris
Amatorculus stygius Salticidae 69, f. 31E (mf) Amatorculus stygius
Amphidraus complexus Salticidae 83, f. 37Q1 (mf) Amphidraus complexus
Amphidraus santanae Salticidae 83, f. 37Q (mf) Amphidraus santanae
Amycus flavicomis Salticidae 61, f. 27A (mf) Amycus flavicomis
Ananeon howardensis Salticidae 23, f. 9I (m) Ananeon howardensis
Anarrhotus fossulatus Salticidae 26, f. 11B (m) Anarrhotus fossulatus
Anasaitis laxa Salticidae 77, f. 33N (mf) Anasaitis laxa
Anaurus flavimanus Salticidae 129, f. 57M (f) Anaurus flavimanus
Ancepitilobus howensis Salticidae 114, f. 51L (m) Ancepitilobus howensis
Anicius dolius Salticidae 94, f. 42C (m) Anicius dolius
Anokopsis avitoides Salticidae 129, f. 57N (m) Anokopsis avitoides
Ansienulina mirabilis Salticidae 107, f. 47F, 48N (mf) Ansienulina mirabilis
Antillattus applanatus Salticidae 80, f. 35N (mf) Antillattus applanatus
Arachnomura adfectuosa Salticidae 61, f. 27Y (mf) Arachnomura adfectuosa
Arasia mollicoma Salticidae 119, f. 52A, 53A (mf) Arasia mollicoma
Arnoliseus calcarifer Salticidae 69, f. 31G (m) Arnoliseus calcarifer
Artabrus erythrocephalus Salticidae 26, f. 11C (mf) Artabrus erythrocephalus
Aruattus agostii Salticidae 80, f. 35D (mf) Aruattus agostii
Asaphobelis physonychus Salticidae 74, f. 36C, 38K (mf, T from Coryphasia) Asaphobelis physonychus
Asaracus megacephalus Salticidae 61, f. 27C, 28C (m) Asaracus megacephalus
Ascyltus asper Salticidae 74, f. 1B.D8+E8+G8+H8 (mf, T from Omoedus) Ascyltus asper
Ascyltus pterygodes Salticidae 77, f. 33Q (mf) Ascyltus pterygodes
Asemonea tenuipes Salticidae 125, f. 54H-I, 55A (mf) Asemonea tenuipes
Ashtabula dentichelis Salticidae 97, f. 43C (m) Ashtabula dentichelis
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 97, f. 43T, 44L (mf) Asianellus festivus
Astia hariola Salticidae 119, f. 52B, 53B (mf) Astia hariola
Astilodes mariae Salticidae 119, f. 52C, 53C (mf) Astilodes mariae
Athamas whitmeei Salticidae 77, f. 33P (mf) Athamas whitmeei
Attidops youngi Salticidae 80, f. 34M (mf) Attidops youngi
Attulus distinguendus Salticidae 65, f. 29C, 30B (mf) Attulus distinguendus
Attulus penicillatus Salticidae 65, f. 29E, 30C (mf) Attulus penicillatus
Attulus saltator Salticidae 65, f. 29D, 30D (mf) Attulus saltator
Avarua satchelli Salticidae 26, f. 11V (mf) Avarua satchelli
Avitus longidens Salticidae 94, f. 42D (m) Avitus longidens
Bacelarella fradei Salticidae 107, f. 47G (mf) Bacelarella fradei
Bagheera kiplingi Salticidae 97, f. 43D, 44B (mf) Bagheera kiplingi
Ballus chalybeius Salticidae 90, f. 40B, 41B (mf) Ballus chalybeius
Barraina anfracta Salticidae 69, f. 32Q (mf) Barraina anfracta
Baryphas ahenus Salticidae 53, f. 23A (mf) Baryphas ahenus
Bathippus macrognathus Salticidae 83, f. 37E (m) Bathippus macrognathus
Bavia aericeps Salticidae 15, f. 4M (mf) Bavia aericeps
Baviola braueri Salticidae 90, f. 40C (mf) Baviola braueri
Beata hispida Salticidae 94, f. 42B (mf) Beata hispida
Belippo meridionalis Salticidae 107, f. 47A-C (mf) Belippo meridionalis
Belliena biocellosa Salticidae 83, f. 36M (mf) Belliena biocellosa
Bellota wheeleri Salticidae 94, f. 42E (mf) Bellota wheeleri
Bianor albobimaculatus Salticidae 51, f. 22A-B,P (mf) Bianor albobimaculatus
Bianor incitatus Salticidae 49, f. 22T (m) Bianor incitatus
Bianor maculatus Salticidae 51, f. 22C,G,J,O, 21Q "maculatus" (mf) Bianor maculatus
Bindax chalcocephalus Salticidae 80, f. 35C (mf) Bindax chalcocephalus
Bocus excelsus Salticidae 103, f. 45B10, 45C5 (mf) Bocus excelsus
Brancus besanconi Salticidae 36, f. 16I-J (f, T from Telamonia) Brancus besanconi
Brancus fuscimanus Salticidae 36, f. 16K-L (f, T from Telamonia) Brancus fuscimanus
Brancus muticus Salticidae 36, f. 14C-D, 16E (mf) Brancus muticus
Breda akypueruna Salticidae 69, f. 31F (mf) Breda akypueruna
Bredana complicata Salticidae 61, f. 27K (m) Bredana complicata
Bristowia heterospinosa Salticidae 15, f. 4C (mf) Bristowia heterospinosa
Bryantella smaragda Salticidae 95, f. 43E (m) Bryantella smaragda
Bulolia excentrica Salticidae 77, f. 33J (mf) Bulolia excentrica
Burmattus pococki Salticidae 26, f. 11D, 12C (mf) Burmattus pococki
Bythocrotus crypticus Salticidae 80, f. 35M (mf) Bythocrotus crypticus
Canama forceps Salticidae 83, f. 37F (m) Canama forceps
Capeta tridens Salticidae 97, f. 43F (mf) Capeta tridens
Capeyorkia vulpecula Salticidae 114, f. 51M (m) Capeyorkia vulpecula
Carabella banksi Salticidae 129, f. 57I (m) Carabella banksi
Carrhotus viduus Salticidae 15, f. 4D (m) Carrhotus viduus
Cavillator longipes Salticidae 26, f. 11E (m) Cavillator longipes
Cembalea plumosa Salticidae 33, f. 14E (m) Cembalea plumosa
Chalcolecta prensitans Salticidae 112, f. 48D, 49K (mf) Chalcolecta prensitans
Chalcoscirtus infimus Salticidae 77, f. 33A-B, 39A (mf) Chalcoscirtus infimus
Chalcotropis pennata Salticidae 80, f. 35A (mf) Chalcotropis pennata
Chapoda festiva Salticidae 83, f. 36A (mf) Chapoda festiva (cf)
Charippus errans Salticidae 83, f. 37K (m) Charippus errans
Chinattus szechwanensis Salticidae 20, f. 8A (mf, removed from S of C. undulatus) Chinattus szechwanensis
Chinattus undulatus Salticidae 20, f. 8B (f) ["unrecognizable species"] Chinattus undulatus
Chinophrys pengi Salticidae 83, f. 36D (mf) Chinophrys pengi
Chinoscopus gracilis Salticidae 125, f. 54D (mf) Chinoscopus gracilis
Chira guianensis Salticidae 33, f. 14F, 17C (mf) Chira guianensis
Chirothecia clavimana Salticidae 97, f. 43G (mf) Chirothecia clavimana
Cobanus extensus Salticidae 77, f. 38M (m, T from Sidusa) Cobanus extensus
Cocalodes leptopus Salticidae 119, f. 52N (mf) Cocalodes leptopus
Coccorchestes rufipes Salticidae 97, f. 43H (mf) Coccorchestes rufipes
Colaxes benjamini Salticidae 90, f. 40D (mf) Colaxes benjamini
Colonus pallidus Salticidae 24, f. 10C (f) Colonus pallidus
Colonus sylvanus Salticidae 24, f. 7L, 10A-B (mf) Colonus sylvanus
Colyttus bilineatus Salticidae 74, f. 38Q, 39R (mf) Colyttus bilineatus
Colyttus kerinci Salticidae 74, f. 38P (mf, T from Colyttus, but Donoessus not revalidated) Donoessus kerinci
Colyttus nigriceps Salticidae 74 (T from Colyttus, but Donoessus not revalidated) Donoessus nigriceps
Colyttus striatus Salticidae 64 (T from Colyttus, but Donoessus not revalidated) Donoessus striatus
Commoris minor Salticidae 83, f. 37C (m) Commoris minor
Compsodecta peckhami Salticidae 83, f. 36B (mf) Compsodecta peckhami
Copocrossa tenuilineata Salticidae 90, f. 40F, 41C (f) Copocrossa tenuilineata
Corambis insignipes Salticidae 26, f. 11H (mf) Corambis insignipes
Corcovetella aemulatrix Salticidae 61, f. 27S, 28D (mf) Corcovetella aemulatrix
Corticattus latus Salticidae 77, f. 33E (mf) Corticattus latus
Corusca acris Salticidae 125, f. 54A, 55J (mf) Corusca acris
Coryphasia albibarbis Salticidae 74, f. 38J (mf) Coryphasia albibarbis
Coryphasia campestrata Salticidae 74, f. 38L (mf) [T from Coryphasia, but Siloca not revalidated] Siloca campestrata
Corythalia heros Salticidae 83, f. 36J (mf) [T from Corythalia, but Dinattus not revalidated] Dinattus heros
Corythalia spiralis Salticidae 83, f. 36S (mf) Corythalia spiralis
Cosmophasis rakata Salticidae 26, f. 11I (mf) Cosmophasis rakata
Cosmophasis thalassina Salticidae 33, f. 14G (mf) Cosmophasis thalassinus
Cotinusa distincta Salticidae 24, f. 10D (m) Cotinusa distincta
Cucudeta zabkai Salticidae 119, f. 52P (mf) Cucudeta zabkai
Curubis erratica Salticidae 129, f. 56A (m) Curubis erratica
Cylistella scarabaeoides Salticidae 61, f. 27R (m) Cylistella scarabaeoides
Cynapes wrighti Salticidae 90, f. 40G (mf) Cynapes wrighti
Cyrba ocellata Salticidae 114, f. 50R-R1, 51G (mf) Cyrba ocellata
Cytaea alburna Salticidae 74, f. 34P, 39C (mf, removed from S of Cytaea severa) Cytaea alburna
Damoetas nitidus Salticidae 103, f. 45E, 46P (mf) Damoetas nitidus
Darwinneon crypticus Salticidae 129, f. 57Q (mf) Darwinneon crypticus
Dasycyptus dimus Salticidae 26, f. 11J (m) Dasycyptus dimus
Dasycyptus dubius Salticidae 26, f. 11K (f) Dasycyptus dubius
Dendryphantes hastatus Salticidae 94, f. 42A (mf) Dendryphantes hastatus
Depreissia myrmex Salticidae 129, f. 56N (m) Depreissia myrmex
Descanso ventrosus Salticidae 80, f. 34Q (mf) Descanso ventrosus
Dexippus topali Salticidae 46, f. 20A (mf) Dexippus topali
Diolenius phrynoides Salticidae 112, f. 49L (mf) Diolenius phrynoides
Diplocanthopoda marina Salticidae 26, f. 11G (m) Diplocanthopoda marina
Donaldius lucidus Salticidae 129, f. 57K (f) Donaldius lucidus
Drizztius geminensis Salticidae 114, f. 51N (mf) Drizztius geminensis
Druzia flavostriata Salticidae 61, f. 27P (m) Druzia flavostriata
Eburneana scharffi Salticidae 33, f. 14H (mf) Eburneana scharffi
Echeclus sokoli Salticidae 80, f. 34A (mf) Echeclus sokoli
Echinussa vibrabunda Salticidae 26, f. 11F (m) Echinussa vibrabunda
Ecuadattus typicus Salticidae 77, f. 33I (mf) Ecuadattus typicus
Edilemma foraminifera Salticidae 69, f. 31H (m) Edilemma foraminifera
Efate albobicinctus Salticidae 80, f. 35E (mf) Efate albobicinctus
Emathis weyersi Salticidae 80, f. 34R (mf) Emathis weyersi
Encolpius guaraniticus Salticidae 61, f. 27E (mf) Encolpius guaraniticus
Epeus tener Salticidae 33, f. 14J (mf) Epeus tener
Epocilla praetextata Salticidae 15, f. 4J (m) Epocilla praetextata
Erasinus gracilis Salticidae 33, f. 14I (m) Erasinus gracilis
Ergane carinata Salticidae 80, f. 35F (mf) Ergane carinata
Eris militaris Salticidae 94, f. 42F (mf) Eris militaris
Euophrys frontalis Salticidae 69, f. 32K, 39F (mf) Euophrys frontalis
Eupoa lehtineni Salticidae 125, f. 54B, 55L (mf) Eupoa lehtineni
Euryattus bleekeri Salticidae 80, f. 34H (mf) Euryattus bleekeri
Eustiromastix obscurus Salticidae 61, f. 27B (mf) Eustiromastix obscurus
Evarcha albaria Salticidae 51, f. 23K (mf) Evarcha albaria
Evarcha falcata Salticidae 53, f. 23B-C, 24A-B (mf) Evarcha falcata
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 53, f. 23J (f) Evarcha flavocincta
Evarcha jucunda Salticidae 53, f. 23F, 24F-G (mf) Evarcha jucunda
Evarcha longula Salticidae 53, f. 24M (f) Evarcha longula
Evarcha patagiata Salticidae 53, f. 23D-E (mf) Evarcha patagiata
Evarcha pococki Salticidae 53, f. 23I (m) Evarcha pococki
Evarcha praeclara Salticidae 53, f. 23G, 24I (mf) Evarcha praeclara
Evarcha reiskindi Salticidae 53, f. 23H (mf) Evarcha reiskindi
Featheroides typicus Salticidae 83, f. 37D (m) Featheroides typica
Festucula festuculaeformis Salticidae 42, f. 19C (m) Festucula festuculaeformis
Festucula vermiformis Salticidae 42, f. 19B (f) Festucula vermiformis
Fluda nigritarsis Salticidae 61, f. 27F (mf) Fluda nigritarsis
Foliabitus longzhou Salticidae 83, f. 36I (mf) Foliabitus longzhou
Frewena maculata Salticidae 80, f. 34B (mf) Frewena maculata
Freya regia Salticidae 15, f. 4F (mf) Freya regia
Frigga coronigera Salticidae 15, f. 4G (mf) Frigga coronigera
Fritzia muelleri Salticidae 69, f. 31I (f) Fritzia muelleri
Furculattus maxillosus Salticidae 112, f. 48K, 49M (m) Furculattus maxillosus
Galianora sacha Salticidae 119, f. 52S (mf) Galianora sacha
Gambaquezonia curioi Salticidae 97, f. 43I1, 44E (mf) Gambaquezonia curioi
Gambaquezonia itimana Salticidae 97, f. 43I (f) Gambaquezonia itimana
Gastromicans albopilosa Salticidae 97, f. 43J (m) Gastromicans albopilosa
Gavarilla ianuzziae Salticidae 69, f. 31J (mf) Gavarilla ianuzziae
Gedea flavogularis Salticidae 24, f. 10E (m) Gedea flavogularis
Gelotia bimaculata Salticidae 114, f. 50S (f) Gelotia bimaculata
Gelotia bouchardi Salticidae 114, f. 50U-U1 (mf) Gelotia bouchardi
Gelotia frenata Salticidae 114, f. 50T (f) Gelotia frenata
Ghelna castanea Salticidae 94, f. 42G (m) Ghelna castanea
Ghumattus primus Salticidae 53, f. 23L (m) Ghumattus primus
Goleba lyra Salticidae 125, f. 54J (mf) Goleba lyra
Goleta workmani Salticidae 90, f. 40H (mf) Goleta workmani
Gorgasella eximia Salticidae 129, f. 57L (f) Gorgasella eximia
Gramenca prima Salticidae 107, f. 47H (f) Gramenca prima
Grayenulla dejongi Salticidae 119, f. 52R1 (mf) Grayenulla dejongi
Gypogyna forceps Salticidae 61, f. 27J (m) Gypogyna forceps
Habrocestoides bengalensis Salticidae 22, f. 8C (mf) Habrocestoides bengalensis
Habrocestum simoni Salticidae 22, f. 8D (mf) Habrocestum simoni
Habronattus agilis Salticidae 46, f. 20N (f) Habronattus agilis
Habronattus americanus Salticidae 46, f. 20I,M (mf) Habronattus americanus
Habronattus amicus Salticidae 46, f. 20S (f) Habronattus amicus
Habronattus banksi Salticidae 46, f. 20L, 20U (f) Habronattus banksi
Habronattus decorus Salticidae 46, f. 20O (f) Habronattus decorus
Habronattus dorotheae Salticidae 46, f. 20P (f) Habronattus dorotheae
Habronattus elegans Salticidae 46, f. 20H (m) Habronattus elegans
Habronattus moratus Salticidae 46, f. 20T (f) Habronattus moratus
Habronattus orbus Salticidae 46, f. 20V (f) Habronattus orbus
Habronattus tarsalis Salticidae 46, f. 20J-K (mf) Habronattus tarsalis
Habronattus tranquillus Salticidae 46, f. 20Q (f) Habronattus tranquillus
Habronattus viridipes Salticidae 46, f. 20R (f) Habronattus viridipes
Hakka himeshimensis Salticidae 42, f. 12B, 18H1, 19M (mf) Hakka himeshimensis
Hakka rugosa Salticidae 43, f. 18H2, 19N (mf, T from Icius) Hakka rugosa
Harmochirus brachiatus Salticidae 51, f. 22F,L,R,X (mf) Harmochirus brachiatus
Hasarina contortospinosa Salticidae 83, f. 37O (m) Hasarina contortospinosa
Hasarinella roeweri Salticidae 15, f. 4S (m) Hasarinella roeweri
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 15, f. 4E, 5G (mf) Hasarius adansoni
Havaika jamiesoni Salticidae 51, f. 22E,I,V (mf) Havaika jamiesoni
Helicius yaginumai Salticidae 26, f. 11L (mf) Helicius yaginumai
Heliophanillus fulgens Salticidae 31, f. 12G, 13A (mf) Heliophanillus fulgens
Heliophanoides bhutanicus Salticidae 31, f. 13B (f) Heliophanoides bhutanicus
Heliophanus aeneus Salticidae 31, f. 13F-F2 (mf) Heliophanus aeneus
Heliophanus cupreus Salticidae 31, f. 12I-J, 13D-D2 (mf) Heliophanus cupreus
Heliophanus decempunctatus Salticidae 31, f. 13G1 (f) Heliophanus decempunctatus
Heliophanus deserticola Salticidae 31, f. 13H (mf) Heliophanus deserticola
Heliophanus encifer Salticidae 31, f. 13E-E2 (mf) Heliophanus encifer
Heliophanus equester Salticidae 13, f. 12H, 13C-C2 (mf) Heliophanus equester
Heliophanus trepidus Salticidae 31, f. 13G (mf) Heliophanus trepidus
Helpis minitabunda Salticidae 119, f. 52D (mf) Helpis minitabunda
Hentzia mitrata Salticidae 94, f. 42H (m) Hentzia mitrata
Heratemita tenenbaumi Salticidae 18, f. 6A-B (mf) Heratemita tenenbaumi
Hermotimus coriaceus Salticidae 112, f. 49A (mf) Hermotimus coriaceus
Hindumanes karnatakaensis Salticidae 125, f. 54K (f) Hindumanes karnatakaensis
Hispo cingulata Salticidae 38, f. 17G1, 49B, 49J1 (mf) Hispo cingulata
Hisukattus alienus Salticidae 69, f. 31K (mf) Hisukattus alienus
Holoplatys planissima Salticidae 22, f. 8E-F, 9B (mf) Holoplatys planissima
Huntiglennia williamsi Salticidae 26, f. 11M (mf) Huntiglennia williamsi
Hurius aeneus Salticidae 69, f. 31L (mf) Hurius aeneus
Hyetussa andalgalaensis Salticidae 61, f. 27U (mf) Hyetussa andalgalaensis
Hyllus albocinctus Salticidae 36, f. 16F (m, T from Viciria) Hyllus albocinctus
Hyllus giganteus Salticidae 36, f. 16C (m) Hyllus giganteus
Hyllus longiusculus Salticidae 36, f. 16G (f, T from Telamonia) Hyllus longiusculus
Hyllus semicupreus Salticidae 36, f. 14A, 16D, 17A (mf) Hyllus semicupreus
Hyllus thoracicus Salticidae 36, f. 16H (m, T from Telamonia) Hyllus thoracicus
Hypaeus mystacalis Salticidae 61, f. 27L (mf) Hypaeus mystacalis
Hypoblemum albovittatum Salticidae 83, f. 33S, 37A (mf) Hypoblemum albovittatum
Icius hamatus Salticidae 26, f. 11A, 12A (mf) Icius hamatus
Idastrandia orientalis Salticidae 26, f. 11N (m) Idastrandia orientalis
Ilargus coccineus Salticidae 80, f. 34C (mf) Ilargus coccineus
Imperceptus minutus Salticidae 129, f. 13I, 56B (f) Imperceptus minutus
Iona nigrovittata Salticidae 18, f. 6C (f) Iona nigrovittata [?]
Iranattus principalis Salticidae 36, f. 14K, 17F (m, T from Monomotapa) Iranattus principalis
Iranattus rectangularis Salticidae 33, f. 14K1 (m) Iranattus rectangularis
Irura mandarina Salticidae 18, f. 6D (f) Irura mandarina
Irura prima Salticidae 18, f. 6E (m) Irura prima
Itata tipuloides Salticidae 97, f. 43K (m) Itata tipuloides
Jacksonoides queenslandicus Salticidae 119, f. 52K (mf) Jacksonoides queenslandicus
Jajpurattus incertus Salticidae 26, f. 11O (m) Jajpurattus incertus
Jerzego corticicola Salticidae 112, f. 49C (m) Jerzego corticicola
Judalana lutea Salticidae 103, f. 45F, 46Q (mf) Judalana lutea
Kalcerrytus excultus Salticidae 24, f. 7N, 10F (mf) Kalcerrytus excultus
Katya florescens Salticidae 119, f. 52F (mf) Katya florescens
Kima africana Salticidae 114, f. 50N-O (m) Kima africana
Kima montana Salticidae 114, f. 50P (f) Kima montana
Kupiuka heteropicta Salticidae 69, f. 31M (mf) Kupiuka heteropicta
Lagnus edwardsi Salticidae 80, f. 34D (mf) Lagnus edwardsi
Lakarobius alboniger Salticidae 77, f. 33O (mf) Lakarobius alboniger
Lamottella longipes Salticidae 107, f. 47I (m) Lamottella longipes
Langerra oculina Salticidae 129, f. 56C (f) Langerra oculina
Langona redii Salticidae 97, f. 43S (mf) Langona redii
Lapsamita maddisoni Salticidae 119, f. 52T (mf) Lapsamita maddisoni
Lapsias canandea Salticidae 119, f. 52V (mf) Lapsias canandea
Lapsias estebanensis Salticidae 119, f. 52U (m) Lapsias estebanensis
Laufeia aenea Salticidae 86, f. 38A, 39K (mf) Laufeia aenea
Laufeia daiqini Salticidae 75, f. 38B, 39J (mf, T from Laufeia, but Junxattus not revalidated) Junxattus daiqini
Laufeia eucola Salticidae 75 (T from Laufeia, but Orcevia not revalidated) Orcevia eucola
Laufeia keyserlingi Salticidae 75 (T from Laufeia, but Orcevia not revalidated) Orcevia keyserlingi
Laufeia kuloni Salticidae 75, f. 38C (mf, T from Laufeia, but Orcevia not revalidated) Orcevia kuloni
Laufeia minuta Salticidae 75, f. 32L (f, T from Euophrys, but Lechia not revalidated, therefore assigned to Laufeia, of which Lechia is a synonym) Lechia minuta
Laufeia perakensis Salticidae 75 (T from Laufeia, but Orcevia not revalidated) Orcevia perakensis
Laufeia proszynskii Salticidae 75 (T from Laufeia, but Orcevia not revalidated) Orcevia proszynskii
Laufeia squamata Salticidae 75, f. 38A1 (mf, T from Laufeia, but Lechia not revalidated) Lechia squamata
Lauharulla pretiosa Salticidae 129, f. 57O (f) Lauharulla pretiosa
Leikung porosa Salticidae 90, f. 40I (mf) Leikung porosa
Lepidemathis sericea Salticidae 80, f. 35G (mf) Lepidemathis sericea
Leptathamas paradoxus Salticidae 77, f. 33K (mf) Leptathamas paradoxus
Leptorchestes sikorskii Salticidae 114, f. 50J-M (mf) Leptorchestes sikorskii
Letoia ephippiata Salticidae 129, f. 57P (f) Letoia ephippiata
Leuserattus gunung Salticidae 129, f. 56D (mf) Leuserattus gunung
Ligonipes lacertosus Salticidae 103, f. 45G (f) Ligonipes lacertosus
Ligurra latidens Salticidae 18, f. 6F, 7A-B (mf) Ligurra latidens
Logunyllus squamifer Salticidae 57, f. 25I-J (mf) Logunyllus squamifer
Longarenus brachycephalus Salticidae 107, f. 47J (mf) Longarenus brachycephalus
Lophostica mauriciana Salticidae 77, f. 33G (mf) Lophostica mauriciana
Lurio solennis Salticidae 94, f. 42I (m) Lurio solennis
Lyssomanes longipes Salticidae 125, f. 54E, 55D (mf) Lyssomanes longipes
Lystrocteisa myrmex Salticidae 33, f. 14L, 17G (mf) Lystrocteisa myrmex
Mabellina prescotti Salticidae 33, f. 37J (m) Mabellina prescotti
Macaroeris nidicolens Salticidae 97, f. 43L, 44G (mf) Macaroeris nidicolens
Macopaeus spinosus Salticidae 125, f. 54F (f) Macopaeus spinosus
Maddisonia richardsoni Salticidae 129, f. 56E (m) Maddisonia richardsoni
Madhyattus jabalpurensis Salticidae 129, f. 56G (f) Madhyattus jabalpurensis
Maenola starkei Salticidae 69, f. 31O (mf) Maenola starkei
Maeota dichrura Salticidae 83, f. 36P (mf) Maeota dichrura
Maevia inclemens Salticidae 33, f. 14M, 17H (mf) Maevia inclemens
Mago steindachneri Salticidae 69, f. 31Q (mf) Mago steindachneri
Magyarus typicus Salticidae 83, f. 36Q (m) Magyarus typicus
Maileus fuscus Salticidae 83, f. 36G (f) Maileus fuscus
Malloneta guineensis Salticidae 107, f. 47K (m) Malloneta guineensis
Mantisatta longicauda Salticidae 90, f. 40K, 41E (mf) Mantisatta longicauda
Mantius russatus Salticidae 129, f. 56H (f) Mantius russatus
Maratus amabilis Salticidae 83, f. 37H (m) Maratus amabilis
Maratus anomaliformis Salticidae 75, f. 33U (mf, T from Maratus, but Lycidas not revalidated) "Lycidas" anomaliformis
Marchena minuta Salticidae 42, f. 19L (mf) Marchena minuta
Marengo crassipes Salticidae 90, f. 40L (mf) Marengo crassipes
Margaromma funestum Salticidae 77, f. 33R (mf) Margaromma funesta
Marma baeri Salticidae 24, f. 10G (m) Marma baeri
Marpissa muscosa Salticidae 33, f. 14O, 17I (m) Marpissa muscosa
Marpissa radiata Salticidae 33, f. 14P (f) Marpissa radiata
Martella pottsi Salticidae 69, f. 31N (m) Martella pottsi
Marusyllus bajan Salticidae 57, f. 25K (mf) Marusyllus bajan
Massagris honesta Salticidae 107, f. 47L (mf) Massagris honesta
Massagris schisma Salticidae 112, f. 49D (m) Massagris schisma [misplaced?]
Matagaia chromatopus Salticidae 26, f. 11P (m) Matagaia chromatopus
Mburuvicha galianoae Salticidae 94, f. 42J (mf) Mburuvicha galianoae
Megaloastia mainae Salticidae 119, f. 52G, 53F (mf) Megaloastia mainae
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 33, f. 14Q, 17J (mf) Mendoza canestrinii
Menemerus fagei Salticidae 114, f. 50F-I (mf) Menemerus fagei
Menemerus semilimbatus Salticidae 114, f. 50A-E, 51A (mf) Menemerus semilimbatus
Messua felix Salticidae 92, f. 42K (mf, T from Metaphidippus) Messua felix
Metacyrba taeniola Salticidae 24, f. 7O, 10H-I (mf) Metacyrba taeniola
Metaphidippus mandibulatus Salticidae 94, f. 42L (m) Metaphidippus mandibulatus
Metaphidippus manni Salticidae 94, f. 42L (f) Metaphidippus manni
Mexcala rufa Salticidae 31, f. 13J (m) Mexcala rufa
Mexigonus morosus Salticidae 83, f. 36O (mf) Mexigonus morosus
Modunda staintoni Salticidae 51, f. 21P, 22N,S (mf) Modunda staintoni
Mogrus neglectus Salticidae 33, f. 14R, 17K (mf) Mogrus neglectus
Mopiopia comatula Salticidae 83, f. 36R (mf) Mopiopia comatula
Mopsolodes australensis Salticidae 22, f. 8G, 9C (mf) Mopsolodes australensis
Mopsus mormon Salticidae 22, f. 8H, 9E (mf) Mopsus mormon
Muziris doleschalli Salticidae 83, f. 37L (m) Muziris doleschalli
Myrmage gedongensis Salticidae 103, f. 45A7, 45B9, 45E (mf) Myrmage gedongensis
Myrmagua guaranitica Salticidae 103, f. 45C6 (f) Myrmagua guaranitica
Myrmarachne acromegalis Salticidae 103, f. 45B4, 46J (mf) Myrmarachne acromegalis
Myrmarachne assimilis Salticidae 103, f. 46K (f) Myrmarachne assimilis
Myrmarachne biseratensis Salticidae 103, f. 46L (f) Myrmarachne biseratensis
Myrmarachne contracta Salticidae 100 (removed from S of M. melanocephala contra Edwards & Benjamin, 2009: 5; species inquirenda) Myrmarachne contracta
Myrmarachne cornuta Salticidae 103, f. 45C12, 46M (f) Myrmarachne cornuta
Myrmarachne edwardsi Salticidae 103, f. 45B7 (m) Myrmarachne edwardsi
Myrmarachne epigealis Salticidae 103, f. 45B3 (mf) Myrmarachne epigealis
Myrmarachne exasperans Salticidae 100, f. 45A1-4, 45C1-2, 46A (f, T from Myrmarachne, but Emertonius not revalidated) Emertonius exasperans
Myrmarachne formicaria Salticidae 103, f. 45B5, 46C (m) Myrmarachne formicaria
Myrmarachne hanoii Salticidae 103, f. 45B2, 46O (mf) Myrmarachne hanoi
Myrmarachne melanocephala Salticidae 103, f. 45B1, 45C9, 46B (mf) Myrmarachne melanocephala
Myrmarachne providens Salticidae 101 (removed from S of M. melanocephala contra Edwards & Benjamin, 2009: 5; species inquirenda) Myrmarachne providens
Myrmarachne ramosa Salticidae 101, f. (f, removed from S of M. melanocephala, contra Edwards & Benjamin, 2009: 5, S of M. albicrurata and M. lateralis confirmed) Myrmarachne ramosa
Myrmarachne shelfordi Salticidae 99, f. 45C3, 46G (f) Emertonius shelfordi
Myrmarachne tristis Salticidae 103, f. 45A6, 45B6, 45C11 (mf) Myrmarachne tristis
Myrmatheca alticephalon Salticidae 103, f. 45C4, 46F (f) Myrmatheca alticephalon
Myrmavola christae Salticidae 103, f. 45C8 (f) Myrmavola christae
Myrmavola galianoae Salticidae 103, f. 45A8, 45B8, 45C7 (mf) Myrmavola galianoae
Myrmavola yamasakii Salticidae 103, f. 46I (f) Myrmavola yamasaki
Nagaina incunda Salticidae 94, f. 42M (mf) Nagaina incunda
Nandicius mussooriensis Salticidae 15, f. 4I (m) Nandicius mussooriensis
Nannenus syrphus Salticidae 33, f. 14S (mf) Nannenus syrphus
Naphrys acerba Salticidae 83, f. 36N (mf) Naphrys acerba
Neaetha oculata Salticidae 51, f. 22H,M,W,Y (mf) Neaetha oculata
Nebridia semicana Salticidae 73, f. 73P (m, T from Amphidraus) Nebridia semicana
Neobrettus tibialis Salticidae 114, f. 50W (m) Neobrettus tibialis
Neon reticulatus Salticidae 80, f. 35H (mf) Neon reticulatus
Neonella lubrica Salticidae 83, f. 36H (mf) Neonella lubrica
Nepalicius koreanus Salticidae 42, f. 19E (f) Nepalicius koreanus
Nepalicius nepalicus Salticidae 42, f. 19D (m) Nepalicius nepalicus
Nicylla sundevalli Salticidae 77, f. 38D (mf, T from Thiania) Nicylla sundevalli
Nigorella albimana Salticidae 53, f. 23M (mf) Nigorella albimana
Nimbarus pratensis Salticidae 107, f. 47M (m) Nimbarus pratensis
Noegus fuscomanus Salticidae 69, f. 31P (mf) Noegus fuscomanus
Nungia epigynalis Salticidae 129, f. 56F (f) Nungia epigynalis
Nycerella decorata Salticidae 15, f. 4K (m) Nycerella decorata
Ocrisiona leucocomis Salticidae 22, f. 8I, 9D (mf) Ocrisiona leucocomis
Ogdenia mutilla Salticidae 129, f. 56I (f) Ogdenia mutilla
Ohilimia albomaculata Salticidae 112, f. 49N (mf) Ohilimia albomaculata
Okinawicius sheherezadae Salticidae 42, f. 19G (f) Okinawicius sheherezadae
Okinawicius sindbadi Salticidae 42, f. 19F (m) Okinawicius sindbadi
Omoedus kulczynskii Salticidae 8, f. 1B.F12 (f) Omoedus kulczynskii
Omoedus niger Salticidae 76, f. 1B.A, 1B.F9, 38G (mf) Omoedus niger
Omoedus piceus Salticidae 8, f. 1B.F11, 1B.F13, 39M (f) Omoedus piceus
Onofre sibilans Salticidae 69, f. 31R (mf) Onofre sibilans
Onomastus complexipalpis Salticidae 125, f. 54M (mf) Onomastus complexipalpis
Onomastus danum Salticidae 125, f. 54N (mf) Onomastus danum
Onomastus kaharian Salticidae 125, f. 54O (mf) Onomastus kaharian
Onomastus simoni Salticidae 125, f. 54P (f) Onomastus simoni
Opisthoncus magnidens Salticidae 33, f. 15O, 17L (m) Opisthoncus magnidens
Opisthoncus magnidens Salticidae 33, f. 15O, 17L (m) Opisthoncus magnidens
Opisthoncus polyphemus Salticidae 33, f. 15N (f) Opisthoncus polyphemus
Orienticius vulpes Salticidae 22, f. 8J, 9F (mf) Orienticius vulpes
Orthrus muluensis Salticidae 119, f. 52H, 53G (mf) Orthrus muluensis
Orvilleus crassus Salticidae 69, f. 31S (mf) Orvilleus crassus
Pachyballus oyo Salticidae 90, f. 40M (mf) Pachyballus oyo
Padilla armata Salticidae 90, f. 40N, 41H (mf) Padilla armata
Pancorius submontanus Salticidae 53, f. 23N (mf) Pancorius submontanus
Pandisus sarae Salticidae 125, f. 54L (mf) Pandisus sarae
Parabathippus sedatus Salticidae 69, f. 32M (mf) Parabathippus sedatus
Paradamoetas fontanus Salticidae 94, f. 42N (m) Paradamoetas fontanus
Parafluda banksi Salticidae 61, f. 27V (mf) Parafluda banksi
Paraharmochirus tualapaensis Salticidae 77, f. 33M, 48G, 49O (mf) Paraharmochirus tualapaensis
Paraheliophanus subinstructus Salticidae 31, f. 13K (mf) Paraheliophanus subinstructus
Parahelpis abnormis Salticidae 119, f. 52I (m) Parahelpis abnormis
Parajotus cinereus Salticidae 33, f. 15P, 17M (mf) Parajotus cinereus
Paramaevia hobbsae Salticidae 25 (T from Maevia) Paramaevia hobbsae
Paramaevia michelsoni Salticidae 25 (T from Maevia) Paramaevia michelsoni
Paramaevia poultoni Salticidae 25, f. 10J (mf, T from Maevia) Paramaevia poultoni
Paraphidippus aurantius Salticidae 94, f. 42O (m) Paraphidippus aurantius
Paraphilaeus daemeli Salticidae 33, f. 15Q-R, 17N (mf) Paraphilaeus daemeli
Parnaenus metallicus Salticidae 94, f. 42P (mf) Parnaenus metallicus
Parvattus zhui Salticidae 83, f. 37G (m) Parvattus zhui
Peckhamia picata Salticidae 97, f. 43M (m) Peckhamia picata
Pelegrina proxima Salticidae 94, f. 42Q (mf) Pelegrina proxima
Pellenes diagonalis Salticidae 44, f. 20C2, 21D1 (f) Pellenes diagonalis
Pellenes hedjazensis Salticidae 46, f. 20D (m) Pellenes hedjazensis
Pellenes lapponicus Salticidae 46, f. 20E-F (mf) Pellenes lapponicus
Pellenes ostrinus Salticidae 44, f. 20C-C1, 21D (mf, removed from S of P. diagonalis) Pellenes ostrinus
Pellenes tripunctatus Salticidae 46, f. 20G, 21A (mf) Pellenes tripunctatus
Pellolessertia castanea Salticidae 129, f. 56O (f) Pellolessertia castanea
Penionomus longipalpis Salticidae 33, f. 15A (mf) Penionomus longipalpis
Pensacolops rubrovittata Salticidae 83, f. 37I (m) Pensacolops rubrovittata
Petemathis portoricensis Salticidae 83, f. 36E (mf) Petemathis portoricensis
Phanias harfordi Salticidae 94, f. 42R (m) Phanias harfordi
Pharacocerus sessor Salticidae 53, f. 23O (m) Pharacocerus sessor
Phasmolia elegans Salticidae 77, f. 33F, 39I (mf) Phasmolia elegans
Phiale crocea Salticidae 15, f. 4L (m) Phiale crocea
Phidippus audax Salticidae 94, f. 41O, 42S (mf) Phidippus audax
Philaeus chrysops Salticidae 33, f. 15B, 17O-P (mf) Philaeus chrysops
Philates courti Salticidae 90, f. 40E (mf) Philates courti
Phintella versicolor Salticidae 15, f. 4B, 5C-D (mf) Phintella versicolor
Phlegra fasciata Salticidae 97, f. 43R, 44M (mf) Phlegra fasciata
Pilia saltabunda Salticidae 26, f. 11Q (m) Pilia saltabunda
Piranthus decorus Salticidae 129, f. 56J (f) Piranthus decorus
Planiemen rotundus Salticidae 90, f. 40O, 41J (mf) Planiemen rotundus
Platycryptus undatus Salticidae 24, f. 7P, 10K (m) Platycryptus undatus
Plesiopiuka simplex Salticidae 129, f. 57G (mf) Plesiopiuka simplex
Plexippoides gestroi Salticidae 33, f. 15C-D, 17Q (mf) Plexippoides gestroi
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 15, f. 4H, 5H (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Pochyta pulchra Salticidae 107, f. 47O, 48S (m) Pochyta pulchra
Pochyta spinosa Salticidae 107, f. 47N (m) Pochyta spinosa
Poecilorchestes logunovi Salticidae 18, f. 6H (m) Poecilorchestes logunovi
Popcornella spiniformis Salticidae 83, f. 36F (mf) Popcornella spiniformis
Porius papuanus Salticidae 129, f. 57A (f) Porius papuanus
Pristobaeus beccarii Salticidae 80, f. 35B (mf) Pristobaeus beccarii
Prostheclina pallida Salticidae 77, f. 33T (mf) Prostheclina pallida
Psenuc courti Salticidae 5, f. 1A.D (f) Psenuc courti
Psenuc vesporum Salticidae 42, f. 1A.H, 19H (mf) Psenuc vesporum
Pseudamycus albomaculatus Salticidae 53, f. 23P (mf) Pseudamycus albomaculatus
Pseudattulus kratochvili Salticidae 69, f. 31T (m) Pseudattulus kratochvili
Pseudemathis trifida Salticidae 77, f. 33H (mf) Pseudemathis trifida
Pseudeuophrys erratica Salticidae 77, f. 33C (mf) Pseudeuophrys erratica
Pseudeuophrys lanigera Salticidae 77, f. 33D (mf) Pseudeuophrys lanigera
Pseudicius encarpatus Salticidae 42, f. 18K, 19I (mf) Pseudicius encarpatus
Pseudomaevia cognata Salticidae 129, f. 56M (mf) Pseudomaevia cognata
Pseudosynagelides yorkensis Salticidae 129, f. 56S (mf) Pseudosynagelides yorkensis
Ptocasius weyersi Salticidae 57, f. 25G1 (mf) Ptocasius weyersi
Pungalina weiri Salticidae 22, f. 8M (mf) Pungalina weiri
Pystira cyanothorax Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Pystira cyanothorax
Pystira ephippigera Salticidae 76, f. 1B.B, 38H, 39O (mf, T from Omoedus) Pystira ephippigera
Pystira karschi Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Pystira karschi
Pystira nigripalpis Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Pystira nigripalpis
Pystira versicolor Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Pystira versicolor
Rafalus christophori Salticidae 97, f. 43P (mf) Rafalus christophori
Rafalus stanislawi Salticidae 95, f. 43Q (m, T from Aelurillus) Rafalus stanislawi
Ragatinus maddisoni Salticidae 97, f. 43N1, 44H1 (mf) Ragatinus maddisoni
Rarahu nitida Salticidae 129, f. 56T (m) Rarahu nitida
Rhene flavigera Salticidae 94, f. 42U (mf) Rhene flavigera
Rhetenor texanus Salticidae 90, f. 41Q (m) Rhetenor texanus
Rhombonotus gracilis Salticidae 103, f. 45H, 46S (mf) Rhombonotus gracilis
Rishaschia amrishi Salticidae 61, f. 28H1 (mf) Rishaschia mandibularis
Rogmocrypta elegans Salticidae 129, f. 56U (mf) Rogmocrypta elegans
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 42, f. 19J (mf) Rudakius cinctus
Rudra geniculata Salticidae 94, f. 42T (m) Rudra geniculata
Rumburak lateripunctatus Salticidae 69, f. 32O (mf) Rumburak lateripunctatus
Saaristattus tropicus Salticidae 80, f. 34G (mf) Saaristattus tropicus
Sadies fulgida Salticidae 90, f. 40J (mf) Sadies fulgida
Saitis barbipes Salticidae 80, f. 34E, 39I1 (mf) Saitis barbipes
Salticus cingulatus Salticidae 15, f. 4Q, 5M (mf) Salticus cingulatus
Salticus latidentatus Salticidae 15, f. 4R (mf) Salticus latidentatus
Salticus propinquus Salticidae 15, f. 4O (mf) Salticus propinquus
Salticus scenicus Salticidae 15, f. 4P, 5L (mf) Salticus scenicus
Sandalodes bernsteini Salticidae 76 (T from "Omoedus", but the species is placed in Sandalodes and was not transferred to Omoedus by Zhang & Maddison, 2012b: 21, as mentioned by Salticidae Database Prószyński (2016)) Zenodorus bernsteini
Sandalodes bipenicillatus Salticidae 22, f. 8K, 9H (mf) Sandalodes bipenicillatus
Saphrys tehuelche Salticidae 80, f. 34L (mf) Saphrys tehuelche
Saraina rubrofasciata Salticidae 107, f. 47P (mf) Saraina rubrofasciata
Sarinda capibarae Salticidae 61, f. 27T (mf) Sarinda capibarae
Sassacus papenhoei Salticidae 94, f. 41S, 42V (m) Sassacus papenhoei
Schenkelia modesta Salticidae 26, f. 11S (mf) Schenkelia modesta
Scopocira tenella Salticidae 83, f. 37R (m) Scopocira tenella
Scoturius tigris Salticidae 69, f. 32A (m) Scoturius tigris
Semiopyla cataphracta Salticidae 69, f. 32C (mf) Semiopyla cataphracta
Semnolius chrysotrichus Salticidae 83, f. 37N (m) Semnolius chrysotrichus
Semnolius imberbis Salticidae 83, f. 37M (m, T from Semnolius, but Ocnotelus not revalidated) Ocnotelus imberbis
Servaea incana Salticidae 76, f. 34F2 (f, S of S. vestita rejected) Servaea incana
Servaea vestita Salticidae 76, f. 34F-F1 (mf, ex S of S. incana contra Richardson & Gunter, 2012: 12) Servaea vestita
Sibianor aurocinctus Salticidae 51, f. 22D,K,Q (mf) Sibianor aurocinctus
Sidusa angulitarsis Salticidae 86, f. 38N (m) Sidusa angulitarsis
Sidusa viridiaurea Salticidae 83, f. 36L (mf) [T from Sidusa, but Chloridusa not revalidated] Chloridusa viridiaurea
Simaetha thoracica Salticidae 18, f. 6G (mf) Simaetha thoracica
Simaethulina castanea Salticidae 18, f. 6J (mf) Simaethulina castanea
Similaria enigmatica Salticidae 129, f. 56Q (f) Similaria enigmatica
Simonurius gladifer Salticidae 69, f. 32D (mf) Simonurius gladiferus
Simprulla nigricolor Salticidae 61, f. 27W (mf) Simprulla nigricolor
Sinoinsula hebetata Salticidae 125, f. 54C, 55K (mf) Sinoinsula hebetata
Sittiab absolutus Salticidae 65, f. 29I (mf) Sittiab absolutus
Sitticus fasciger Salticidae 65, f. 29B (mf) Sitticus fasciger
Sitticus terebratus Salticidae 65, f. 29A, 30A (mf) Sitticus terebratus
Sittiflor floricola Salticidae 65, f. 29F, 30E (mf) Sittiflor floricola
Sittiflor zimmermanni Salticidae 65, f. 29G, 30H (mf) Sittiflor zimmermanni
Sittilong longipes Salticidae 65, f. 29H, 30J (mf) Sittilong longipes
Sittisax saxicola Salticidae 65, f. 29J, 30I (mf) Sittisax saxicola
Sobasina cutleri Salticidae 112, f. 49S (f) Sobasina cutleri
Sobasina magna Salticidae 112, f. 49T (f) Sobasina magna
Sobasina platypoda Salticidae 112, f. 49Q (mf) Sobasina platypoda
Sobasina yapensis Salticidae 112, f. 49R (f) Sobasina yapensis
Soesilarishius micaceus Salticidae 80, f. 34I (mf) Soesilarishius micaceus
Soesilarishius ruizi Salticidae 80, f. 34J (mf) Soesilarishius ruizi
Sondra nepenthicola Salticidae 119, f. 52J, 53I (mf) Sondra nepenthicola
Sonoita lightfooti Salticidae 119, f. 52Q, 53O (mf) Sonoita lightfooti
Spadera unica Salticidae 42, f. 19K (m, T from Pseudicius) Spadera unica
Sparbambus gombakensis Salticidae 119, f. 52R (mf) Sparbambus gombakensis
Spartaeus spinimanus Salticidae 114, f. 50X (m) Spartaeus spinimanus
Spilargis ignicolor Salticidae 83, f. 36K (mf) Spilargis ignicolor
Stagetillus elegans Salticidae 26, f. 56L (f, T to Padillothorax, cf. comment at the genus Stagetillus) "Padillothorax" elegans
Stagetillus opaciceps Salticidae 26, f. 11T (m) Stagetillus opaciceps
Stagetillus semiostrinus Salticidae 129, f. 56L (f) Stagetillus semiostrinus
Stagetillus taprobanicus Salticidae 26 (T to Padillothorax, cf. comment at the genus Stagetillus) "Padillothorax" taprobanicus
Stergusa incerta Salticidae 18, f. 6K (m) Stergusa incerta
Stertinius onoi Salticidae 18, f. 6L (mf) Stertinius onoi
Stichius albomaculatus Salticidae 49, f. 22T1 (m) Stichius albomaculatus
Sumakuru bigal Salticidae 125, f. 54G, 55I (m) Sumakuru bigal
Synageles venator Salticidae 114, f. 50Y-Z, 51K (mf) Synageles venator
Synagelides agoriformis Salticidae 97, f. 43N (mf) Synagelides agoriformis
Synemosyna formica Salticidae 61, f. 27D (mf) Synemosyna formica
Tabuina varirata Salticidae 119, f. 52M, 53P (mf) Tabuina varirata
Taivala invisitata Salticidae 129, f. 56P (f) Taivala invisitata
Talavera minuta Salticidae 69, f. 32J (mf) Talavera minuta
Tamigalesus munnaricus Salticidae 129, f. 56R (mf) Tamigalesus munnaricus
Tanybelus aeneiceps Salticidae 61, f. 27Q (m) Tanybelus aeneiceps
Tanzania mkomaziensis Salticidae 69, f. 32P (mf) Tanzania mkomaziensis
Tarne dives Salticidae 107, f. 47Q-S, 48Q (mf) Tarne dives
Tarodes lineatus Salticidae 80, f. 35L, 49P (mf) Tarodes lineatus
Tasa nipponica Salticidae 31, f. 13L (m) Tasa nipponica
Tauala alveolatus Salticidae 119, f. 53J-M (mf) Tauala alveolatus
Tauala lepidus Salticidae 119, f. 52X (mf) Tauala lepidus
Telamonia festiva Salticidae 38, f. 16B (mf) Telamonia festiva
Telamonia vlijmi Salticidae 33, f. 15E, 18A (mf) Telamonia vlijmi
Theriella bertoncelloi Salticidae 69, f. 32F (f) Theriella bertoncelloi
Theriella galianoae Salticidae 69, f. 32E (m) Theriella galianoae
Thiania bhamoensis Salticidae 86, f. 38E, 39S (mf) Thiania bhamoensis
Thianitara spectrum Salticidae 77, f. 38F, 39T (mf, T from Thiania) Thianitara spectrum
Thianitara thailandica Salticidae 77 (T from Thiania) Thianitara thailandica
Thiodina nicoleti Salticidae 61, f. 27M (m) Thiodina nicoleti
Thiratoscirtus patagonicus Salticidae 107, f. 47T, 48U (mf) Thiratoscirtus patagonicus
Thiratoscirtus procerus Salticidae 107, f. 47U (f) Thiratoscirtus procerus
Thorelliola ensifera Salticidae 80, f. 34K (mf) Thorelliola cf. ensifera
Thyene concinna Salticidae 33, f. 15I, 18D (f) Thyene concinna
Thyene imperialis Salticidae 33, f. 15F-H, 18B (mf) Thyene imperialis
Thyene natalii Salticidae 33, f. 15J, 18E (f) Thyene natali
Thyenula juvenca Salticidae 69, f. 32N (mf) Thyenula juvenca
Tisaniba mulu Salticidae 80, f. 34O (mf) Tisaniba mulu
Titanattus pegaseus Salticidae 61, f. 27H (m) Titanattus pegaseus
Titanattus saevus Salticidae 61, f. 27G (m) Titanattus saevus
Toloella eximia Salticidae 61, f. 27I (m) Toloella eximia
Tomobella andasibe Salticidae 112, f. 49J (mf) Tomobella andasibe
Tomobella fotsy Salticidae 112, f. 49I (mf, "Neon?") Tomobella fotsy
Tomocyrba decollata Salticidae 112, f. 49E (mf) Tomocyrba decollata
Tomocyrba thaleri Salticidae 112, f. 49F (m) Tomocyrba thaleri
Tomomingi keinoi Salticidae 112, f. 49H (mf) Tomomingi keinoi
Tomomingi wastani Salticidae 112, f. 49G (mf) Tomomingi wastani
Toticoryx exilis Salticidae 129, f. 57C (f) Toticoryx exilis
Toxeus globosus Salticidae 101, f. 45D1-6 (f, T from Myrmavola) Toxeus globosus
Toxeus maxillosus Salticidae 99, f. 46D,H (f) Toxeus maxillosus
Trite pennata Salticidae 26, f. 11U (mf) Trite pennata
Truncattus dominicanus Salticidae 80, f. 35P (mf) Truncattus dominicanus
Truncattus flavus Salticidae 80, f. 35O (mf) Truncattus flavus
Truncattus manni Salticidae 73, f. 37P1 (m, T from Amphidraus, not regarding Truncattus) Nebridia manni
Truncattus mendicus Salticidae 73, f. 37P2 (m, T from Amphidraus, not regarding Truncattus) Nebridia mendica
Tullgrenella lunata Salticidae 33, f. 15K (mf) Tullgrenella lunata
Tusitala barbata Salticidae 33, f. 15L (mf) Tusitala barbata
Tutelina similis Salticidae 94, f. 41T, 42W (mf) Tutelina similis
Tuvaphantes insolitus Salticidae 129, f. 57R (mf) Tuvaphantes insolitus
Udalmella gamboa Salticidae 69, f. 32B (m) Udalmella gamboa
Udvardya elegans Salticidae 80, f. 35J, 49U (mf) Udvardya elegans
Ugandinella formicula Salticidae 61, f. 27Q1, 28I1 (mf) Ugandinella formicula
Urogelides daviesae Salticidae 22, f. 8L, 9G (mf) Urogelides daviesae
Urupuyu antisana Salticidae 61, f. 27N, 28J1 (mf) Urupuyu antisana
Vailimia jianyuae Salticidae 33, f. 15M (m) Vailimia jianyuae
Variratina minuta Salticidae 90, f. 40P (mf) Variratina minuta
Viciria pavesii Salticidae 38, f. 16A (mf) Viciria pavesii
Vinnius subfasciatus Salticidae 61, f. 27O (m) Vinnius subfasciatus
Wallaba metallica Salticidae 76, f. 38O (m, T from Sidusa) Wallaba metallica
Wesolowskana lymphatica Salticidae 38, f. 16N (mf) Wesolowskana lymphatica
Xanthofreya rustica Salticidae 19, f. 7S (mf) Xanthofreya rustica
Xenocytaea daviesae Salticidae 80, f. 35K (mf) Xenocytaea daviesae
Xuriella prima Salticidae 26, f. 11W (mf) Xuriella prima
Yacuitella nana Salticidae 129, f. 57D (mf) Yacuitella nana
Yaginumaella senchalensis Salticidae 57, f. 25F (mf) Yaginumaella senchalensis
Yaginumaella striatipes Salticidae 55, f. 25B1-3,25CA1-2, 26A (mf, S of Y. ususudi rejected) Yaginumaella striatipes
Yaginumaella tenzingi Salticidae 57, f. 25D-E (mf) Yaginumaella tenzingi
Yaginumaella urbanii Salticidae 57, f. 25G (mf) Yaginumaella urbanii
Yaginumaella ususudi Salticidae 55, f. 25A1-3,25CB1-2 (mf, ex S of Y. striatipes contra Logunov & Wesolowska, 1992: 144) Yaginumaella ususudi
Yaginumanis sexdentatus Salticidae 114, f. 50V (mf) Yaginumanis sexdentatus
Yamangalea frewana Salticidae 119, f. 52O, 53Q (mf) Yamangalea frewana
Yepoella crassistylis Salticidae 69, f. 32G (mf) Yepoella crassistyla
Yllenus horvathi Salticidae 57, f. 25H (mf) Yllenus horvathii
Yogetor bellus Salticidae 38, f. 16O (mf) Yogetor bellus
Zabkattus brevis Salticidae 80, f. 35I (mf) Zabkattus brevis
Zebraplatys fractivittata Salticidae 22, f. 8N (mf) Zebraplatys fractivittata
Zenodorus albertisi Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus albertisi
Zenodorus arcipluvii Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus arcipluvii
Zenodorus brevis Salticidae 76, f. 1B.G7+H7 (m, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus brevis
Zenodorus danae Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus danae
Zenodorus darleyorum Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D6+E6+G6+H6 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus darleyorum
Zenodorus durvillei Salticidae 76, f. 1B.C, 38I, 39P (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus durvillei
Zenodorus jucundus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus jucundus
Zenodorus juliae Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus juliae
Zenodorus lepidus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus lepidus
Zenodorus marginatus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus marginatus
Zenodorus metallescens Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus metallescens
Zenodorus meyeri Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D5+E5+G5+H5 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus meyeri
Zenodorus microphthalmus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus microphthalmus
Zenodorus niger Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus niger
Zenodorus obscurofemoratus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus obscurofemoratus
Zenodorus omundseni Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D4+E4+G4+H4 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus omundseni
Zenodorus orbiculatus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus orbiculatus
Zenodorus papuanus Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D3+E3+G3+H3 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus papuanus
Zenodorus ponapensis Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus ponapensis
Zenodorus pupulus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus pupulus
Zenodorus pusillus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus pusillus
Zenodorus rhodopae Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus rhodopae
Zenodorus semirasus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus semirasus
Zenodorus swiftorum Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D1+E1+G1+H1 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus swiftorum
Zenodorus syrinx Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus syrinx
Zenodorus tortuosus Salticidae 76, f. 1B.D2+E2+G2+H2 (mf, T from Omoedus) Zenodorus tortuosus
Zenodorus variatus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus variatus
Zenodorus varicans Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus varicans
Zenodorus wangillus Salticidae 76 (T from Omoedus) Zenodorus wangillus
Zeuxippus pallidus Salticidae 94, 42X (mf) Zeuxippus pallidus
Zulunigma incognita Salticidae 129, f. 57B (f) Zulunigma incognita
Zuniga magna Salticidae 61, f. 27X (mf) Zuniga magna
Zygoballus incertus Salticidae 94, f. 42Y (mf) Zygoballus incertus