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Eratigena fuesslini (Pavesi, 1873)

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Last updated: 2018-02-13

Distribution: Europe, Turkey External Resources *: araneae - Spiders of Europe |

Taxonomic references
Tegenaria fuesslinii Pavesi, 1873a: 103, f. 1 (Df).
Tegenaria pallidula Simon, 1875a: 95 (Dm).
Tegenaria capra Simon, 1875a: 97 (Dm).
Tegenaria ericarum Simon, 1875a: 98 (Dmf).
Tegenaria corsica Simon, 1937: 1001, 1038, f. 1539-1540 (mf).
Tegenaria corsica Kritscher, 1969: 295, f. 7-8 (f).
Tegenaria fuesslini Brignoli, 1971h: 81, f. 26-30 (f, Sm).
Tegenaria fuesslini Van Der Krieken, 2011: 179, f. 1A-E (mf).
Eratigena fuesslini Bolzern, Burckhardt & Hänggi, 2013: 764, f. 8G-I, 10H-K (Tmf from Tegenaria).
Eratigena fuesslini Topçu & Demircan, 2018: 20, f. 1 (f).

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Nentwig, W., Blick, T., Gloor, D., Hänggi, A., Kropf, C.: Spiders of Europe. Version 11.2016.

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