Family: Zorocratidae Dahl, 1913 []
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N.B.: Revived to include several genera formerly misplaced in the Miturgidae and Tengellidae (= Zoropsidae) by Griswold et al., 1999: 59; considered a subfamily of Zoropsidae by Wunderlich, 2004k: 1495 and Raven & Stumkat, 2005: 356 (the latter placement was not followed here, as at least the type genus lacks some of the salient features of the enlarged Zoropsidae); considered a junior synonym of Zoropsidae Bertkau, 1882 by Polotow, Carmichael & Griswold, 2015. Also regarded as a seperate family by Murphy & Roberts, 2015: ix.
Status: synonym
Last updated: 2015-10-29
Described in
Dahl, 1913: 21
Number of valid genera: n/a
Number of valid species: n/a

Dahl, F. (1913). Vergleichende Physiologie und Morphologie der Spinnentiere unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Lebensweise. 1. Die Beziehungen des K├Ârperbaues und der Farben zur Umgebung. Jena, pp. 1-113. download pdf

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2015-10-29 Family updated Polotow, Carmichael & Griswold, 2015 New status (Old value)