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Lathys affinis (Blackwall, 1862)

Rank: Species | Status: accepted | Described: m f | LSID: []
Last updated: 2014-08-11

Distribution: Madeira

Taxonomic references
Ciniflo affinis Blackwall, 1862a: 371 (Df).
Lathys affinis Kulczyński, 1899: 327, pl. 6, f. 3-5 (f).
Lathys decolor Kulczyński, 1899: 328, pl. 6, f. 11 (Df).
Lathys atlantica Denis, 1962a: 101, f. 79 (Df).
Lathys affinis Denis, 1962a: 101, f. 80-84 (Dm).
Lathys decolor Denis, 1962a: 103, f. 85-86 (Dm).
Lathys affinis Lehtinen, 1967: 243 (S).
Lathys affinis Wunderlich, 1992a: 426, f. 623-624 (m, S).

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