Editorial board

The Editorial Board screens submitted publications and decides if they shall be included into the World Spider Catalog. Dubious cases are forwarded to the Expert Board. In general, the Organizing Board may ask the Editorial Board for advice.

Theo Blick, Hummeltal (wsc(at)theoblick.de)
Maria Chatzaki, Alexandroupoli (maria.chatzaki(at)gmail.com)
Peter Jäger, Frankfurt (peter.jaeger(at)senckenberg.de)
Christian Kropf, Bern (christian.kropf(at)nmbe.ch)
Hirotsugu Ono, Tokyo (ono(at)kahaku.go.jp)
Cristina Rheims, São Paolo (carheims(at)gmail.com)


Expert board

The Expert Board receives potentially dubious publications from the Editorial Board, decides on contrarily discussed cases, and concludes if they shall be included into the World Spider Catalog.

Antonio D. Brescovit
Nadine Dupérré
Charles R. Haddad
Mark Harvey (Chair)
Shu-Qiang Li
Dmitri Logunov
Yuri Marusik


Country coordinators

Country coordinators collect taxonomically relevant literature (from the oldest to the newest publications) from their country and submit it as PDF to the World Spider Catalog. If you want to become a country representative, contact wsc(at)nmbe.ch.

Argentina: Ivan L. F. Magalhães (magalhaes(at)macn.gov.ar)
Australia: Volker W. Framenau (volker.framenau(at)uwa.edu.au)
Austria: Christoph Hörweg (christoph.hoerweg(at)NHM-WIEN.AC.AT)
Chile: Milenko A. Aguilera (miaguile(at)udec.cl)
Colombia: William Galvis J (w.galvis.j(at)gmail.com)
Germany: Theo Blick (wsc(at)theoblick.de)
India: Siddharth Kulkarni (sskspider(at)gmail.com)
Iran: Alireza Zamani (zamani.alireza5(at)gmail.com)
Iraq: Azhar Al-Khazali (azhararach(at)gmail.com)
Israel: Efrat Gavish-Regev (efrat.gavish(at)gmail.com)
Italy: Paolo Pantini (ppantini(at)comune.bg.it)
Korea: Jun-Gi Lee (sparapholca531(at)naver.com)
Malaysia: Y. Norma-Rashid (Norma Yusoff) (ynorma(at)um.edu.my)
Mexico: José L. Castelo (mexigonus(at)gmail.com)
New Zealand: Cor J. Vink (cor.vink(at)lincoln.ac.nz)
Pakistan: Muhammad Irfan (irfanuos94(at)yahoo.com)
Slovakia: Anna Šestáková (asestakova(at)gmail.com)
Spain: Jose Carrillo (jorozko(at)yahoo.com)
Turkey: Kadir Boğac Kunt (chaetopelma(at)gmail.com)
Ukraine: Mykola Kovblyuk (mkovblyuk(at)gmail.com)
United Kingdom: Danni Sherwood (danni.sherwood(at)hotmail.com)


Organizing Board

Responsible for technical aspects of the World Spider Catalog, its work flow, infrastructure and resources.

Christian Kropf (christian.kropf(at)nmbe.ch)
Wolfgang Nentwig (w.nentwig(at)gmail.com)
Theo Blick (wsc(at)theoblick.de)
Daniel Gloor (daniel.gloor(at)nmbe.ch)