The World Spider Catalog Association WSCA

The WSCA is an association for the promotion of taxonomic and systematic research in arachnology, including related fields. Therefore, the WSCA collects all spider literature relevant for this research and makes it accessible to its members. WSCA is open to all interested scientists and we invite them to become a member of our association (member registration form)

WSCA has two main activities,
  • to collect the mentioned literature and
  • to make it accessible for its members with a password protected access.

WSCA is an association under the Swiss Civil Law, without commercial purpose. Currently, we do not require membership fees and try to cover all expenses from donations.

All members are asked to support the WSCA with own and foreign arachnological publications. Here is explained how you can upload publications (PDF upload).

All members have the right to use the arachnological publications, collected by the members of the WSCA, for their own scientific purpose. By becoming a member, they accept that the usage of the WSCA literature archive is only for their private use. They do not post publications obtained from the WSCA literature archive on public websites nor do they use these publications for any commercial purpose.


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