WSCA Activities

Membership Assembly in Greifswald, Germany, the first assembly after the 2 years Corona gap. The catalogs of the minor arachnid orders are meanwhile included and form, together with the WSC, the World Arachnid Catalog. The inclusion of fossil species into the WSC was discussed. We also would like to include opilionids and scorpions, the two last big gaps, into the WAC.

Membership Assembly in Christchurch, New Zealand. As new achievement, information on the type deposit can be added to the species pages in the WSC and for the first 8000 species, this information is already available. As decided last year, catalogs of the minor arachnid orders are under construction.

Membership Assembly in Vac, Hungary. The literature collection of taxonomically relevant spider literature is complete, 14’440 articles are freely available for our members! It is discussed to add catalogs for the small arachnid orders and to collect the respective literature as well. This approach, however, would require a modification of our By-Laws (replacement of “spiders” by “arachnids”) in articles 2 (purpose) and 3 (membership) and article 9 (add to WSC “and related catalogs”). We will keep the name WSCA (World Spider Catalog Association). Technical and financial implications will be discussed separately. The Assembly agrees to this proposal.

Membership Assembly in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Only 30 articles, mainly from Japan, are still lacking. Ideas on the future development of WSC are presented and discussed. The VINST initiative, intending to enhance spider taxonomy, is presented.

Membership Assembly in Denver, Colorado, United States. WSCA provides now 99.3 % of the taxonomic world literature. A broad presentation of the development of WSC and WSCA was given, yielding a vivid discussion.

Membership Assembly in Brno, Czech Republic. WSCA provides now > 90 % of the taxonomic world literature. A poster with general information and a list with lacking references are presented.

Membership Assembly in Bern, Switzerland. WSCA provides now 36 % of the taxonomic world literature. Further steps are discussed.

First Membership Assembly in Bern, Switzerland. The founding members Christian Kropf, Daniel Gloor and Wolfgang Nentwig founded the World Spider Catalog Association by accepting the By-Laws of the Association. They also accepted to serve as Board of the Association.