Family: Trochanteriidae Karsch, 1879 []
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N.B.: considered valid by Platnick, 1985a: 5; placed as a senior synonym of the former gnaphosid subfamily Hemicloeinae (genera Hemicloea and Vectius) by Wunderlich, 1987a: 248 and confirmed by Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018b: 612; relimited and considered a senior synonym of Platoridae by Platnick, 1990a: 38; Australian genera (with exception of Hemicloea, see the note there) transferred to the Trachycosmidae by Azevedo et al., 2022: 11.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-11-16
Described in
Karsch, 1879d: 536
Number of valid genera: 6
Number of valid species: 52

Karsch, F. (1879d). Arachnologische Beiträge. Zeitschrift für die Gesammten Naturwissenschaften 52: 534-562. download pdf

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