Family: Toxopidae Hickman, 1940 []
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N.B.: separation of Toxopidae from Desidae (genera Gasparia, Gohia, Hapona, Hulua, Laestrygones, Lamina, Myro, Neomyro, Ommatauxesis, Otagoa and Toxops) by Wheeler et al., 2017: 608-609; for former comments on the status of Toxops and related taxa see JocquƩ, 1994b: 283; Toxopidae is divided in two subfamilies (Wheeler et al., 2017: 609): Toxopinae (Hapona, Jamara, Laestrygones, Lamina, Midgee, Toxops and Toxopsoides) and Myroinae (Gasparia, Gohia, Hulua, Neomyro, Myro, Ommatauxesis and Otagoa); Midgeeinae Davies, 1995 (Midgee and Jamara) are transferred from the Amaurobiidae and synonymized with Toxopinae; the family is not monophyletic per Kulkarni, Wood & Hormiga, 2023: 515
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2017-12-29
Described in
Hickman, 1940: 125
Number of valid genera: 14
Number of valid species: 82

Hickman, V. V. (1940). The Toxopidae, a new family of spiders. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 1939: 125-130. download pdf

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