Family: Anamidae Simon, 1889 []
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N.B.: described as a tribe (Anameae) by Simon, 1889m: 178, elevated to a subfamily (Anaminae) of Nemesiidae by Raven, 1985a: 82,  elevated to family level by Opatova et al., 2020: 700 and divided in the subfamilies Anaminae (genera Aname, Hesperonatalius, Kwonkan, Swolnpes, Troglodiplura) and Teylinae Main, 1985d: 744 (genera Chenistonia, Namea, Proshermacha, Teyl, Teyloides) by Harvey et al., 2020: 808.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-12-12
Described in
Simon, 1889m: 178
Number of valid genera: 10
Number of valid species: 143

Simon, E. (1889m). Voyage de M. E. Simon au Venezuela (Décembre 1887–Avril 1888). 4e Mémoire. Arachnides. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (6) 9: 169-220, pl. 12-13. download pdf

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