Family: Heptathelidae Kishida, 1923 []
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N.B.: described as tribe Heptatheleae, elevated to family rank by Petrunkevitch, 1939a: 149, status confirmed by Haupt, 1983: 289, synonymized with Liphistiidae by Raven, 1985a: 16; revalidated by Li, 2022: 72 (Heptathelidae include all former liphistiid genera, with exception of Liphistius); Breitling, 2022a: 3 re-united both families, but this is not followed here, as he omitted younger splittings of other families (e.g. Selden & Penney, 2010: 184) and the age of splitting is no sufficient reason to re-unite the families.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-06-13
Described in
Kishida, 1923: 242
Number of valid genera: 7
Number of valid species: 113

Kishida, K. (1923). Heptathela, a new genus of liphistiid spiders. Annotationes Zoologicae Japonenses 10: 235-242. download pdf

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