Family: Cicurinidae F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1893 []
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N.B.: new circumscribed (Bromella [transferred from the Dictynidae], Cicurina and Chorizomma [both transferred from the Hahniidae]) and restored family status by Gorneau et al., 2023: 11 (as per Murphy & Roberts, 2015: viii, see below), with the authorship of Kishida, 1955: 4 (see also Ono & Ogata, 2018: 619), but the oldest found mention is by F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1893: 158 (sub Cicurinae, see also Bonnet, 1956: 1091); the former transfers of Cicurina and related genera (Cicurininae sensu Lehtinen, 1967) from the Agelenidae to the Dictynidae (Lehtinen, 1967) have been accepted by Cokendolpher, 2004a: 28; Cicurina, as well as Chorizomma Simon, 1872 and Mastigusa Menge, 1854 (which were not explicitely listed by Wheeler et al., 2017) were transferred from the Dictynidae to the Hahniidae by Wheeler et al., 2017: 607; Mastigusa is transferred to the Cybaeidae by Castellucci et al., 2023: 6; the transfers of Chorizomma, Cicurina and Mastigusa (and other genera) to the Cicurinidae by Murphy & Roberts, 2015: viii were not sufficiently justified and were not accepted here.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2024-03-18
Described in
F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1893: 158
Number of valid genera: 3
Number of valid species: 167

Pickard-Cambridge, F. O. (1893). Handbook to the study of British spiders [part 5]. British Naturalist 3(Supplement): 117-170, pl. 6-7. download pdf

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