Family: Cybaeidae Banks, 1892 []
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N.B.: Traditionally considered a subfamily of Agelenidae, placed as a subfamily of Dictynidae by Lehtinen, 1967 and elevated to family by Forster, 1970b: 13. After Wheeler et al., 2017: 606 Cybaeidae includes Cryphoecinae Lehtinen, 1967 syn. nov. (genera Cryphoeca, Calymmaria, Ethobuella and Willisus as well as Cryphoecina, Dirksia, Neocryphoeca and Tuberta, which are not explicitely listed by Wheeler et al., 2017; all transferred from Hahniidae) and the genera Blabomma and Yorima (transferred from Dictynidae); futhermore Wheeler et al., 2017: 607 transfer Argyroneta (monotypic in Argyronetinae Thorell, 1870) to Dictynidae. Transfer of Blabomma, Cryphoeca and Tuberta to Cicurinidae (Murphy & Roberts, 2015: viii) not sufficiently justified and is not accepted here. Cybaeidae were considered a synonym of Argyronetidae Thorell, 1870 by Grothendieck & Kraus, 1994: 272.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2018-09-10
Described in
Banks, 1892d: 95
Number of valid genera: 19
Number of valid species: 259

Banks, N. (1892d). A classification of North American spiders. The Canadian Entomologist 24: 88-97. download pdf

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