Family: Filistatidae Simon, 1864 []
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N.B.: Author of the family corrected from Ausserer, 1867: 140 to Simon, 1864: 95 by Zonstein & Marusik, 2019b: 55; devided in two subfamilies: Filistatinae Simon, 1864 (Filistata, Kukulcania, Microfilistata, Sahastata and Zaitunia) and Prithinae Gray, 1995 (Afrofilistata, Andoharano, Antilloides, Filistatinella, Filistatoides, Misionella, Labahitha, Pholcoides, Pikelinia, Pritha, Tricalamus, Wandella and Yardiella) (Zonstein & Marusik, 2019b: 56).
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2021-09-10
Described in
Simon, 1864: 94
Number of valid genera: 19
Number of valid species: 185

Simon, E. (1864). Histoire naturelle des araignées (aranéides). Paris, 540 pp. doi:10.5962/bhl.title.47654 download pdf

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