Family: Gnaphosidae Banks, 1892 []
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N.B.: The name "Gnaphosi" was used firstly at tribe level by Banks, 1892d: 94 and thus is the valid authorship and year for the family. For the family name Drassidae Sundevall, 1833 see Simon, 1893a: 340 and Bonnet, 1956: 1554. Family relimited by Platnick, 1990a: 35 and Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018b: 612. Most genera listed by Brignoli, 1983c under Micariinae are treated here under Corinnidae and Phrurolithidae. Prodidomidae revalidated by Platnick, 1990a: 36 to include the former Prodidominae, Molycriinae and Anagraphidinae. Anagraphidinae transferred from Prodidomidae to Gnaphosidae by Platnick & Baehr, 2006: 5. Prodidomidae downgraded to subfamily of Gnaphosidae by Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018b: 613 (synonyms: Molycriinae Simon, 1897 and Theuminae Simon, 1893), redefined by Rodrigues & Rheims, 2020b: 694 and elevated to familiy rank again by Azevedo et al., 2022: 12 (without Molycriinae). Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018b: 612 distinguish several well definded clades within Gnaphosidae (Gnaphosinae Banks, 1892, Zelotinae Platnick, 1990, Herpyllinae Platnick, 1990, Drassodinae Simon, 1893, Prodidominae Simon, 1884 and Leptodrassinae Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018) and state three monogeneric subfamilies, Anagraphidinae Simon, 1893 (type genus Anagraphis), Echeminae Simon, 1893 (type genus Echemus) and Micariinae Banks, 1892 (type genus Micaria), which do not perform a grouping function. Micaria Westring 1851, Nauhea Forster, 1979 and Verita Ramirez & Grismado, 2015 (and some related genera) are probably not gnaphosids, and many genera are not assigned to a subfamily given their poorly supported and unstable relationships (Azevedo, Griswold & Santos, 2018b: 614). The subfamily Molycriinae Simon, 1897 is re-established by Rodrigues & Rheims, 2020b: 682 (includes Cryptotoerithus, Molycria, Myandra, Nomindra, Wesmaldra and Wydundra). Lin & Li, 2020e: 313 described the new subfamily Solitudinae, with the single genus Solitudes Lin & Li, 2020. Micariidae is regarded as a separate family (sister to Cithaeronidae) by Breitling, 2021: 19, but without listing the genera, which should belong to it, and it is also not accepted because it is based mainly on COI, see FAQ 7. Ammoxenidae (Ammoxenus, Austrammo, Barrowammo, Rastellus) are synonymized with Gnaphosidae by Azevedo et al., 2022: 12.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-09-21
Described in
Pocock, 1898c: 94
Number of valid genera: 150
Number of valid species: 2458

Pocock, R. I. (1898c). The Arachnida from the province of Natal, South Africa, contained in the collection of the British Museum. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7) 2(9): 197-226, pl. 8. doi:10.1080/00222939808678036 download pdf

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