Family: Anapidae Simon, 1895 []
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N.B.: relimited by Forster & Platnick, 1977: 2; considered a senior synonym of Symphytognathidae and Mysmenidae by Wunderlich, 1986, but rejected by Wunderlich, 2011: 512; considered a senior synonym of Micropholcommatidae by Schütt, 2003: 133 and Lopardo, Giribet & Hormiga, 2011: 316, re-elevation to family level by Eskov & Marusik, 2023: 341 not accepted here (by majority vote of the WSC boards); considered a senior synonym of Holarchaeidae [] by Dimitrov et al., 2017: 240 (confirmed by Eskov & Marusik, 2023: 342); the family name "Hawkeswoodidae", proposed by Makhan & Ezzatpanah, 2011d: 1, is a nomen nudum that does not refer to a generic name (Jiménez, Platnick & Dupérré, 2011: 17; see Pseudanapis); the family status of the Comaromidae Wunderlich, 2004h: 1034 (described as subfamily and elevated to family by Wunderlich, 2011: 512, confirmed by Wunderlich, 2023: 22 and Eskov & Marusik, 2023: 341) is not accepted here (by majority vote of the WSC boards).
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-11-19
Described in
Simon, 1895a: 923
Number of valid genera: 58
Number of valid species: 232

Simon, E. (1895a). Histoire naturelle des araignées. Deuxième édition, tome premier. Roret, Paris, pp. 761-1084. [second pdf with detailed publication dates of the single parts] doi:10.5962/bhl.title.51973 download pdf download pdf

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