Family: Pimoidae Wunderlich, 1986 []
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N.B.: Elevated to familial rank by Hormiga, 1993: 534; for comments on relationships, see Michalik & Hormiga, 2010: 7; new circumscription and transfer of Weintrauboa and Putaoa to Linyphiidae (Stemonyphantinae) by Hormiga et al., 2021: 84; re-synonymization with Linyphiidae (Murphy & Roberts, 2015: ix) not sufficiently justified and is not accepted here.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2023-01-19
Described in
Wunderlich, 1986: 119
Number of valid genera: 2
Number of valid species: 86

Wunderlich, J. (1986). Spinnenfauna gestern und heute: Fossile Spinnen in Bernstein und ihre heute lebenden Verwandten. Quelle & Meyer, Wiesbaden, 283 pp. download pdf

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