Family: Tetragnathidae Menge, 1866 []
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N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Metidae Simon, 1894 by Heimer & Nentwig, 1982: 292 and Levi, 1986a: 93 (although not by Wunderlich, 1986: 115); Metidae/Metinae is preoccupied in the Copepoda and emened to Metainae by ICZN, 2013 (Opinion 2326) following the proposal of Álvarez-Padilla & Hormiga, 2011b; Diphyini is preoccupied in the Hydrozoa and emened to Diphyaini by ICZN, 2021 (Opinion 3774) following the proposal of Marusik, 2018d; see also the notes at the Araneidae, Nephilidae and Phonognathidae; includes taxa placed by Forster & Forster, 1999: 166 in the "Nanometidae" (see Álvarez-Padilla & Hormiga, 2011a: 802); also Leucauginae Caporiacco, 1955: 318 and Pachygnathidae Menge, 1866: 94 are included; mentioning of "Tetragnathiens" by Simon, 1864: 325, but the French ending -iens was not accepted as taxon at familiar level by Bonnet and Platnick, and this is continued here.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2024-06-17
Described in
Menge, 1866: 90
Number of valid genera: 45
Number of valid species: 987

Menge, A. (1866). Preussische Spinnen. Erste Abtheilung. Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Danzig (N.F.) 1: 1-152. download pdf

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