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Gen. Neocryphoeca Roth , 1970 [ ]
Genus comment: N. Roth, 1970: 114, type N. gertschi Roth, 1970; described in the Agelenidae, transferred here by Brignoli, 1983c: 509.
N.B.: Transferred to Cybaeidae by Wheeler et al., 2017: 606 [not explicitely, but the type genus of Cryphoecinae, Cryphoeca, was transferred].
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Roth, 1970: 114
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Roth, V. D. (1970). A new genus of spiders (Agelenidae) from the Santa Catalina mountains. Journal of the Arizona Academy of Science 6: 114-116. download pdf

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Date Type Reference Detail
2017-11-13 Genus transferred to other family Wheeler et al., 2017 Neocryphoeca Roth, 1970 transferred to Cybaeidae