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Gen. Atrax O. Pickard-Cambridge , 1877 [ ]
N.B.: Transferred from Dipluridae to Hexathelidae by Raven, 1980a: 255 and to Atracidae by Hedin et al., 2018: 4. Considered a senior synonym of Poikilomorpha Rainbow, 1914 by Gray, 1978: 125 (but not of Styphlopis Rainbow, 1913, Pseudatrax Rainbow, 1914 or Anepsiada Rainbow & Pulleine, 1918, by Gray, 1988: 115, contra Gray, 1978: 125 and Raven, 1980a: 255).
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O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1877c
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Pickard-Cambridge, O. (1877c). On some new genera and species of Araneidea. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (4) 19: 26-39. download pdf

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2018-01-31 Genus transferred to other family Hedin et al., 2018a Atrax O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1877 transferred to Atracidae