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Gen. Barusia Kratochvíl , 1978 [ ]
Genus comment: B. Kratochvíl, 1978: 20, type Paraleptoneta maheni Kratochvíl & Miller, 1939; the genus Cataleptoneta Denis, 1955 was placed as a subgenus of Barusia by Kratochvíl, 1978: 21, and was so listed by Brignoli, 1983c: 195, but if the taxa are congeneric, Cataleptoneta has priority as the generic name. The two genera are provisionally kept separate here.
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Kratochvíl, 1978: 20
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Kratochvíl, J. (1978). Araignées cavernicoles des îles Dalmates. Přírodovědné práce ústavů Československé Akademie Věd v Brně (N. S.) 12(4): 1-59. download pdf

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