Family: Amaurobiidae Thorell,1870 [] Back

Gen. Rubrius Simon , 1887 [ ]
N.B.: transferred from the Agelenidae to the Amaurobiidae by Lehtinen, 1967: 263; considered a senior synonym of Mynthes Simon, 1887h: E16 [] (type Coelotes castaneifrons Simon, 1884) by Simon, 1903a: 1041 and of Pionaces Simon, 1904e: 107 [] (type P. major Simon, 1904, transferred from the Agelenidae by Lehtinen, 1967: 263) by Roth, 1967c: 326; not a senior synonym of Hicanodon Tullgren, 1901 (Roth, 1988: 33, contra Lehtinen, 1967: 263).
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Simon, 1887h: E14 (type Coelotes subfasciatus Simon, 1884; gender masculine; syn. of Rubrius antarcticus (Karsch, 1880))
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1nomen dubium

Simon, E. (1887h). Arachnides. In: Mission scientifique du Cap Horn, 1882-1883. Paris 6, E1-E42, pl. 1-2. download pdf

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