Family: Linyphiidae Blackwall,1859 [] Back

Gen. Atypena Simon , 1894 [ ]
N.B.: not a senior synonym of Callitrichia Fage, 1936 (Scharff, 1990a: 13, contra Jocqué, 1983a: 236, as per Wunderlich, 1978d: 257, who placed that name as a junior synonym of Oedothorax Bertkau, 1883 instead; considered a senior synonym of Paranasoona Heimer, 1984b: 87, type P. cirrifrons Heimer, 1984 [] and Millplophrys Platnick, 1998: 397, (itself a replacement name for Diplophrys Millidge, 1995: 42, type D. pallida Millidge, 1995, preoccupied by Diplophrys Barker, 1868) [] by Tanasevitch, 2014b: 72.
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Simon, 1894a
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Simon, E. (1894a). Histoire naturelle des araignées. Paris 1, 489-760. download pdf

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2014-08-24 Genus synonymy Tanasevitch, 2014b Millplophrys synonymized with Atypena
2014-08-24 Genus synonymy Tanasevitch, 2014b Paranasoona synonymized with Atypena