Family: Linyphiidae Blackwall,1859 [] Back

Gen. Bifurcia Saaristo, Tu & Li , 2006 [ ]
N.B.: probably a junior synonym of Arcuphantes according to Tanasevitch, 2010d: 270, but see comment by Marusik, Omelko & Koponen, 2016a: 83.
Status: accepted
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Saaristo, Tu & Li, 2006: 385 (type Arcuphantes ramosus Li & Zhu, 1987; gender feminine)
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Saaristo, M. I., Tu, L. H. & Li, S. Q. (2006). A review of Chinese micronetine species (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Part I: species of ex-Arcuphantes and ex-Centromerus. Animal Biology 56(3): 383-401. doi:10.1163/157075606778441886 download pdf

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