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Gen. Millidgella Kammerer , 2006 [ ]
Genus comment: M. Kammerer, 2006: 269 (replacement name for Valdiviella Millidge, 1985: 61, type V. trisetosa Millidge, 1985, preoccupied in the Copepoda), objective senior synonym of Valdiviola Miller, 2007a: 49 and Neovaldiviella Ă–zdikmen, 2007: 139 (both are superfluous replacement names for Valdiviella Millidge).
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Kammerer, 2006: 269
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Kammerer, C. F. (2006). Notes on some preoccupied names in Arthropoda. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 31: 269-271. download pdf

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