Family: Linyphiidae Blackwall,1859 [] Back

Gen. Oreonetides Strand , 1901 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Aigola Chamberlin, 1922 by Holm, 1945b: 45, of Labuella Chamberlin & Ivie, 1943: 6, type L. prosaica Chamberlin & Ivie, 1943 [=O. vaginatus (Thorell, 1872)] by Chamberlin & Ivie, 1947b: 60, of Paramaro Wunderlich, 1980g: 119, type Centromerus quadridentatus Wunderlich, 1972, by Thaler, 1981a: 143, and of Montitextrix Denis, 1963c: 263, type O. glacialis (L. Koch, 1872) by van Helsdingen, 1981a: 230.
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Strand, 1901b: 29 (type Erigone vaginata Thorell, 1872, described as subgenus of Macrargus; gender masculine (in accordance with ICZN Art.; contra Canard & Cruveillier, 2016: 44, who considered it feminine))
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Strand, E. (1901b). Theridiiden aus dem nördlichen Norwegen. Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab Christiania 24(2): 1-66. download pdf

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