Family: Linyphiidae Blackwall,1859 [] Back

Gen. Tarsiphantes Strand , 1905 [ ]
N.B.: removed from the synonymy of Typhochrestus Simon, 1884 by Marusik, Böcher & Koponen, 2006: 73, contra Holm, 1960a: 511; considered a senior synonym of Pannicularia Tanasevitch, 1983a: 215, type P. sinuosa Tanasevitch, 1983 by Marusik, Böcher & Koponen, 2006: 74, contra Tanasevitch, 1985a: 56.
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Strand, 1905
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Strand, E. (1905). Araneae. In: Report of the Second Norwegian Arctic Expedition in the 'Fram'. Kristiania 3, 22-30. download pdf

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