Family: Linyphiidae Blackwall,1859 [] Back

Gen. Walckenaeria Blackwall , 1833 [ ]
N.B.: Walckenaera is an unjustified emendation; considered a senior synonym of Wideria Simon, 1864, Cornicularia Menge, 1868, Prosopotheca Simon, 1884, Tigellinus Simon, 1884 and Trachynella Braendegaard, 1932 by Merrett, 1963b: 462, and of Paragonatium Schenkel, 1927 by Wunderlich, 1974b: 166.
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Blackwall, 1833
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6nomen dubium

Blackwall, J. (1833). Characters of some undescribed genera and species of Araneidae. London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science (3) 3: 104-112, 187-197, 344-352, 436-443. download pdf

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