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Gen. Sphingius Thorell , 1890 [ ]
N.B.: Transferred from the Micariinae (Gnaphosidae) to the Corinnidae by Reiskind, 1969: 165, here by Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001: 489; considered a senior synonym of Alaeho Barrion & Litsinger, 1995: 170, type A. linoi Barrion & Litsinger, 1995, originally described in the Clubionidae, by Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001: 489 and of Scotophaeoides Schenkel, 1963: 49, type S. sinensis Schenkel, 1963 [], originally described in the Gnaphosidae, by Zhang, Fu & Zhu, 2009b: 32; transfer to Corinnidae (Murphy & Roberts, 2015: ix) not sufficiently justified and is not accepted here.
Status: accepted
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Thorell, 1890d: 284 (type Sphingius thecatus Thorell, 1890; gender masculine)
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1nomen nudum

Thorell, T. (1890d). Arachnidi di Pinang raccolti nel 1889 dai Signori L. Loria e L. Fea. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova 30: 269-383. download pdf

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2020-12-23 Genus synonymy Zhang, Fu & Zhu, 2009b Scotophaeoides synonymized with Sphingius