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Gen. Hogna Simon , 1885 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Lycorma Simon, 1885, Isohogna Roewer, 1960d: 567, type Trochosa maderiana (Walckenaer, 1837) (considered a subgenus of Lycosa Latreille, 1804 by Guy, 1966: 64), of Lynxosa Roewer, 1960d: 897, type Lycosa inexorabilis O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1869 (considered a subgenus of Schizocosa Chamberlin, 1904 by Guy, 1966: 65) by Wunderlich, 1992a: 258, 440, of Galapagosa Roewer, 1960d: 864, type Lycosa albemarlensis Banks, 1902 by Baert & Maelfait, 1997:3, contra Roth & Craig, 1970: 120 (through transfer of type species, in both cases; Galapagosa was considered a subgenus of Lycosa Latreille, 1804 by Guy, 1966: 63), and of Citilycosa Roewer, 1960b: 845, type Arctosa hellenica (C. L. Koch, 1838) by Thaler, Buchar & Knoflach, 2000: 1976 (by S of type species, contra Wunderlich, 1984a: 24 and Lugetti & Tongiorgi, 1965: 215); considered a subgenus of Lycosa Latreille, 1804 by Guy, 1966: 64; the synonymy of this genus with Lycosa Latreille, 1804 by Fuhn & Niculescu-Burlacu, 1971 and Wunderlich, 1984a has not been accepted by subsequent workers, including Dondale and Redner, 1990: 35, who consider all North American species placed in Lycosa to be misplaced; not a senior synonym of Rabidosa Roewer, 1960 (Brady & McKinley, 1994: 138, contra Dondale & Redner, 1990: 41); see notes under Hyaenosa, Metatrochosina and Prolycosides; considered a senior synonym of Trochosula Roewer, 1960d: 859, type Lycosa conspersa L. Koch, 1882 (considered a junior synonym of Trochosa C. L. Koch, 1847 by Guy, 1966: 64; possibly a junior synonym of Arctosa C. L. Koch, 1847 (Wunderlich, 1984a: 23); not a senior synonym of Birabenia Mello-Leitão, 1941 per Piacentini & Laborda, 2013: 40, contra Capocasale, 1990: 137 (synonymy via transfer of type species); type species considered a member of Lycosa by Bosmans & Van Keer, 2012a: 9, without specifying a generic synonymy), by T of type species.
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Simon, 1885f: 9
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3nomen dubium

Simon, E. (1885f). Etudes sur les Arachnides recueillis en Tunisie en 1883 et 1884 par MM. A. Letourneux, M. Sédillot et Valéry Mayet, membres de la mission de l'Exploration scientifique de la Tunisie. In: Exploration scientifique de la Tunisie, publiée sous les auspices du Ministère de l'instruction publique. Zoologie – Arachnides. Paris, 55 pp. download pdf

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