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Gen. Lycosa Latreille , 1804 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Allohogna Roewer, 1955a: 760, type Lycosa singoriensis (Laxmann, 1770) and Mimohogna Roewer, 1960b: 756, type Lycosa pachana Pocock, 1898 by Fuhn & Niculescu-Burlacu, 1971:193 and McKay, 1979e: 278 (although the synonym of Allohogna was disputed by Marusik, Guseinov & Koponen, 2003b: 54 and was seperated but not formally resurrected by Logunov, 2010a: 242), of Ishicosa Roewer, 1960d: 859, type Tarentula ishikariana Saito, 1934 (placed in Lycosa by some modern authors, considered a junior synonym of Arkalosula = Arctosa C. L. Koch, 1847 by Guy, 1966: 63) by Ono & Shinkai, 1988: 134, following earlier Japanese authors but based on topotypical specimens of type species, and of Foxicosa Roewer, 1960d: 949, type Tetrarctosa subcoelestis (Fox, 1935, considered instead a subgenus of Pirata Sundevall, 1833 by Guy, 1966: 63) by Chen & Gao, 1990: 124 (through synonymy of type species); not a senior synonym of Hogna Simon, 1885 (Dondale and Redner, 1990: 35; see note under that name regarding American species); see notes under Allocosa, Malimbosa, and Molitorosa; not a senior synonym of Galapagosa Roewer, 1960 (Baert & Maelfait, 1997: 3), Tetralycosa Roewer, 1960 (Framenau, Gotch & Austin, 2006: 22), or of Hoggicosa Roewer, 1960 (Langlands & Framenau, 2010: 90).
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Latreille, 1804b
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5nomen nudum
32nomen dubium
2homonym replaced

Latreille, P. A. (1804b). Tableau methodique des Insectes. Nouveau Dictionnaire d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris 24: 129-295. download pdf

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