Family: Lycosidae Sundevall,1833 [] Back

Gen. Piratula Roewer , 1960 [ ]
Genus comment: P. Roewer, 1960b: 677, type Pirata hygrophilus (Thorell, 1872); N.B.: removed from the synonymy of Pirata Sundevall, 1833 by Omelko, Marusik & Koponen, 2011: 213, contra Dondale & Redner, 1981b: 107.
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Roewer, 1960b: 677
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Roewer, C. F. (1960b). Solifugen und Opilioniden - Araneae Orthognathae, Haplogynae und Entelegynae (Contribution à l'étude de la faune d'Afghanistan 23). Göteborgs Kungliga Vetenskaps och Vitterhets Samhälles Handlingar 8(7): 1-53. download pdf

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