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Gen. Wadicosa Zyuzin , 1985 [ ]
Genus comment: W. Zyuzin, 1985a: 48, type Pardosa venatrix (Lucas, 1846), but the type species was misidentified by Zyuzin (see Wunderlich, 1987a: 236) and was fixed instead as W. fidelis by Kronestedt & Zyuzin, 2009: 814); see Kronestedt, 1987: 975, for comments on possibly congeneric species, and Zehethofer, 1998 for discussion of a species from Borneo.
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Zyuzin, 1985a: 48
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2nomen dubium

Zyuzin, A. A. (1985a). Generic and subfamilial criteria in the systematics of the spider family Lycosidae (Aranei), with the description of a new genus and two new subfamilies. Trudy Zoologieskogo Instituta Akademija Nauk SSSR 139: 40-51. download pdf

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