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Gen. Pseudanapis Simon , 1905 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Gossiblemma Roewer, 1963a: 129, type G. yapensis Roewer, 1963 (=P. aloha Forster, 1959), transferred from the Hadrotarsidae, by Shear, 1978: 8, and of Amrishoonops Makhan & Ezzatpanah, 2011d: 2, type A. amrishi Makhan & Ezzatpanah, 2011, by Jiménez, Platnick & Dupérré, 2011: 18; not a senior synonym of Zangherella Caporiacco, 1949 (Brignoli, 1981b: 116, contra Brignoli, 1970b: 1413).
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Simon, 1905c
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Simon, E. (1905c). Arachnides de Java, recueillis par le Prof. K. Kraepelin en 1904. Mitteilungen aus dem Naturhistorischen Museum in Hamburg 22: 49-73. download pdf

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