Family: Microstigmatidae Roewer,1942 [] Back

Gen. Microstigmata Strand , 1932 [ ]
N.B.: replacement name for Microstigma Hewitt, 1916, preoccupied by Rambur, 1842 in Neuroptera; transferred from Dipluridae to Microstigmatidae by Raven & Platnick, 1981: 15.
Status: accepted
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Strand, 1932: 142 (type Microstigma geophilum Hewitt, 1916; gender feminine)
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Strand, E. (1932). Miscellanea nomenclatorica zoologica et palaeontologica, III, IV. Folia Zoologica et Hydrobiologica, Rigā 4: 133-147, 193-196. download pdf

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