Family: Zodariidae Thorell,1881 [] Back

Gen. Leviola Miller , 1970 [ ]
Genus comment: L. Miller, 1970: 155, type L. termitophila Miller, 1970
N.B.: transferred from the Theridiidae to the Symphytognathidae by Levi, 1972h: 534, provisionally placed in the Mysmenidae by Brignoli, 1980j: 731, transferred here from the Mysmenidae by Lopardo & Hormiga, 2015: 634.
Status: accepted
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Miller, 1970: 155
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Miller, F. (1970). Spinnenarten der Unterfamilie Micryphantinae und der Familie Theridiidae aus Angola. Publicações Culturais da Companhia de Diamantes de Angola 82: 75-166. download pdf

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2015-07-08 Genus transferred to other family Lopardo & Hormiga, 2015 Leviola Miller, 1970 transferred to Zodariidae