Family: Nesticidae Simon,1894 [] Back

Gen. Typhlonesticus Kulczyński , 1914 [ ]
N.B.: removed from the synonymy of Nesticus Thorell, 1870 by Deeleman-Reinhold, 1977a: 27 (contra Brignoli, 1971c: 114) and by Lehtinen & Saaristo, 1980: 52, who designated as type species Nesticus absoloni Kratochvíl, 1933 (replacement name for T. speluncarum Kulczyński, 1914, preoccupied in Nesticus).
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Kulczyński, 1914
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Kulczyński, W. (1914). Aranearum species novae minusve cognitae, in montibus Kras dictis a Dre C. Absolon aliisque collectae. Bulletin International de l'Academie des Sciences de Cracovie 1914: 353-387, pl. 16. download pdf

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