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Gen. Philodromus Walckenaer , 1826 [ ]
N.B.: Considered a senior synonym of Philodromoides Scheffer, 1904 by Gertsch, in Schick, 1965: 62 and of Horodromoides Gertsch, 1933; Logunov (1997b) and Logunov & Kunt (2010) followed Wunderlich in recognizing the genus Artanes Thorell, 1869, but as Muster (2009a) demonstrated, this unjustified elevation of an automorphic species group would render Philodromus paraphyletic and is therefore here rejected (as it was also by Muster & Van Keer, 2010: 65). Similarly, various genera and placements by Wunderlich, 2012a, are based neither on cladistic analysis nor an adequate taxon sample, and are not followed here, including the erection of the generic names Emargidromus Wunderlich, 2012a: 34, type P. emarginatus (Schrank, 1803), Philodromimus Wunderlich, 2012a: 36, type P. dispar Walckenaer, 1826); Breitling, 2019b: 22 regards Artanes, Emargidromus, Philodromimus, Pulchellodromus and Tibellomimus as subgenera of Philodromus (based mainly on COI, see FAQ 7); separation of Pulchellodromus Wunderlich, 2012a: 38 was confirmed by Kastrygina & Kovblyuk, 2014: 28.
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Walckenaer, 1826: 86
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Walckenaer, C. A. (1826). Aranéides. In: Faune française ou histoire naturelle générale et particulière des animaux qui se trouvent en France, constamment ou passagèrement, à la surface du sol, dans les eaux qui le baignent et dans le littoral des mers qui le bornent par Viellot, Desmarrey, Ducrotoy, Audinet, Lepelletier et Walckenaer. Paris, livr. 11-12: 1-96. download pdf

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