Family: Pholcidae C. L. Koch,1850 [] Back

Gen. Metagonia Simon , 1893 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Anomalaia González-Sponga, 1998: 24, type A. mariguitarensis González-Sponga, 1998 by Huber, 2000: 53, of Portena González-Sponga, 2011b: 42, type Portena triocular González-Sponga, 2011 [] (N.B.: original spelling of generic name included a tilde, disallowed by the ICZN) by Huber, Colmenares & Ramírez, 2014: 419.
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Simon, 1893a: 472
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Simon, E. (1893a). Histoire naturelle das araignées. Paris 1, 257-488. doi:10.5962/bhl.title.51973 download pdf

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2014-09-15 Genus synonymy Huber, Colmenares & Ramírez, 2014 Portena synonymized with Metagonia