Family: Pholcidae C. L. Koch,1850 [] Back

Gen. Micropholcus Deeleman-Reinhold & Prinsen , 1987 [ ]
N.B.: Considered a senior synonym of Mariguitaia González-Sponga, 2004a: 64, type M. divergentis González-Sponga, 2004 [] by Huber, 2009a: 66. Lomazi et al., 2018: 47 suggest the New World species to belong to a separate genus.
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Deeleman-Reinhold & Prinsen, 1987: 64 (type Pholcus fauroti Simon, 1887; gender masculine)
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Deeleman-Reinhold, C. L. & Prinsen, J. D. (1987). Micropholcus fauroti (Simon) n. comb., a pantropical, synanthropic spider (Araneae: Pholcidae). Entomologische Berichten 47: 73-77. download pdf

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