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Gen. Epeus G. W. Peckham & E. G. Peckham , 1886 [ ]
N.B.: replacement name for Evenus Simon, 1877b: 58, preoccupied in Lepidoptera by Hübner, 1819, as well as in Coleoptera and Mollusca (see Bonnet, 1956: 1875); removed from the synonymy of Viciria Thorell, 1877 by Prószyński, 1984b: 403; apparently considered a senior synonym of Taupoa Peckham & Peckham, 1907 (by transfer of type species) by Prószyński, 1984a: 143.
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Peckham & Peckham, 1886: 334 (type Evenus tener Simon, 1877; gender masculine)
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Peckham, G. W. & Peckham, E. G. (1886). Genera of the family Attidae: with a partial synonymy. Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters 6: 255-342. download pdf

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