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Gen. Evarcha Simon , 1902 [ ]
N.B.: The synonymy of this genus with Pellenes Simon, 1876 (Lowrie & Gertsch, 1955: 10) has not been accepted by subsequent workers; considered a senior synonym of Colopsus Simon, 1902 (type Colopsus cancellatus Simon, 1902) by Prószyński, 1984a: 51 (see also Blick & Marusik, 2018: 237). Split into several genera by Prószyński, 2018b, but he leaves 15 species in Evarcha s. lat., which are listed by him as "Evarcha [?]".
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Simon, 1902a: 397 (type Araneus falcatus Clerck, 1757)
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1nomen dubium
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Simon, E. (1902a). Etudes arachnologiques. 31e Mémoire. LI. Descriptions d'espèces nouvelles de la famille des Salticidae (suite). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 71: 389-421. download pdf

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