Family: Salticidae Blackwall,1841 [] Back

Gen. Helicius Zabka , 1981 [ ]
N.B.: as indicated by Brignoli, this generic name, as used by Prószyński, 1976: 16, was a nomen nudum; as comments approaching a diagnosis were published by Zabka, 1981b: 38, the name is attributed here to that author: H. Zabka, 1981b: 38, type Telamonia cylindrata (Karsch, 1879).
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Zabka, 1981b
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Żabka, M. (1981b). New species of Yaginumaella Prószyński 1976 and Helicius Prószyński 1976 (Araneae, Salticidae) from Bhutan and Burma. Entomologica Basiliensis 6: 5-41. download pdf

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