Family: Agelenidae C. L. Koch,1837 [] Back

Gen. Inermocoelotes Ovtchinnikov , 1999 [ ]
N.B.: Described as a subgenus of Coelotes Blackwall, 1841; is an objective senior synonym of Eurocoelotes Wang, 2002: 73 [], with the same type species (Mikhailov, 2010a: 101).
Status: accepted
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Ovtchinnikov, 1999: 74 (type Coelotes inermis (L. Koch, 1855))
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Ovtchinnikov, S. V. (1999). On the supraspecific systematics of the subfamily Coelotinae (Araneae, Amaurobiidae) in the former USSR fauna. Tethys Entomological Research 1: 63-80. download pdf

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