Family: Sparassidae Bertkau,1872 [] Back

Gen. Eusparassus Simon , 1903 [ ]
N.B.: some workers follow Bonnet in using the generic name Sparassus Walckenaer, 1805, but that name is now considered a junior synonym of Micrommata Latreille, 1804; considered a junior synonym of Cercetius Simon, 1902 [], but older name suppressed for lack of usage, and ICZN conservation of the younger name proposed, by Moradmand & Jäger, 2012b: 251.
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Simon, 1903a
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1nomen nudum
9nomen dubium

Simon, E. (1903a). Histoire naturelle des araignées. Deuxième édition, tome second. Roret, Paris, pp. 669-1080. [second pdf with detailed publication dates of the single parts] doi:10.5962/bhl.title.51973 download pdf download pdf

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