Family: Sparassidae Bertkau,1872 [] Back

Gen. Micrommata Latreille , 1804 [ ]
N.B.: Considered a senior synonym of Sparassus Walckenaer, 1805, via new designation of S. smaragdulus (Fabricius, 1793) as type species of that name, by Jäger, 1999a: 6. Gender feminine (see note under Calommata); in contrary Canard & Cruveillier, 2016: 44 state the genus to be neuter, which is not followed here. For details on a possible African member, see Jäger & Kunz, 2005: 170, f. 259-261).
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Latreille, 1804a
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6nomen dubium

Latreille, P. A. (1804a). Histoire naturelle générale et particulière des Crustacés et des Insectes. Paris 7, 144-305. download pdf

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