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Gen. Larinia Simon , 1874 [ ]
N.B.: Tanikawa (1989) and Harrod, Levi & Leibensperger (1991), following Levi (1975b) and Marusik (1987c), rejected the conclusions of Grasshoff (1970a, b, c, 1971a), who separated these species into about 10 genera; as none of the regional reports have analyzed Grasshoff's conclusions on a worldwide basis, and workers such as Levy (1986) have supported some of Grasshoff's results, only those subsequent generic synonymies that have been listed in detail (such as the synonymy of Drexelia McCook, 1892 by Harrod, Levi & Leibensperger, 1991: 243, after Levi, 1975b: 102) are followed here; considered a senior synonym of Larinopa Grasshoff, 1970b: 226, type Larinia tabida (L. Koch, 1872) (Framenau & Scharff, 2008: 242, by transfer of type species, contra Levy, 1986: 5).
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Simon, 1874a
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Simon, E. (1874a). Les arachnides de France. Paris 1, 1-272. download pdf

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