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Gen. Leviellus Wunderlich, 2004 [ ]
N.B.: placed in the Zygiellidae Simon, 1929 by Wunderlich, 2004f: 935 (not accepted by later authors); placed in the Phonognathidae Simon, 1894a: 746 (a senior synonym of Zygiellidae) by Kuntner et al., 2019: 563; for the current familial placement see the note at the family; considered a synonym of Stroemiellus Wunderlich, 2004f: 936 [] (type Zilla stroemi Thorell, 1870) by Gregorič et al., 2015a: 240.
Status: accepted
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Wunderlich, 2004f: 935 (type Zygiella kochi Thorell, 1870; gender masculine)
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Wunderlich, J. (2004f). The fossil spiders (Araneae) of the families Tetragnathidae and Zygiellidae n. stat. in Baltic and Dominican amber, with notes on higher extant and fossil taxa. Beiträge zur Araneologie 3: 899-955. download pdf

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Date Type Reference Detail
2024-02-08 Genus transferred to other family Hormiga et al., 2023 Leviellus Wunderlich, 2004 transferred to Araneidae
2023-08-08 Genus transferred to other family Kuntner et al., 2023 Leviellus Wunderlich, 2004 transferred to Phonognathidae
2016-09-20 Genus synonymy Gregorič et al., 2015a Stroemiellus synonymized with Leviellus