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Gen. Chorizopella Lawrence , 1947 [ ]
Genus comment: Choriozopella Lawrence, 1947: 22, type C. tragardhi Lawrence, 1947; compared by Lawrence with "Choriozopes" of the "family [sic] Choriozopeae" (although attributed by him to the Araneidae rather than Theridiidae), so original spelling considered "an evident lapsus calami" and emended by Brignoli, 1983c: 265; transferred here from the Araneidae by Emerit, 1997: 51 (following Levi, pers. commun.)
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Lawrence, 1947: 22
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Lawrence, R. F. (1947). A collection of Arachnida made by Dr. I. Trägårdh in Natal and Zululand (1904-1905). Göteborgs Kungliga Vetenskaps och Vitterhets Samhälles Handlingar (B) 5(9): 1-41. download pdf

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