Family: Theridiidae Sundevall,1833 [] Back

Gen. Lasaeola Simon , 1881 [ ]
N.B.: removed (together with its junior synonym Deliana Keyserling, 1886) from the synonymy of Dipoena Thorell, 1869 by Wunderlich, 1988: 148 but only taxa specifically mentioned by Wunderlich are shown as transfers here; considered by Yoshida, 2002a: 12 to include "the species of the D. prona group designated by Levi (1953)" but again only taxa explicitly transferred by him are listed here, until a wider, worldwide sample of taxa can be studied; although Simon indicated in the original description that this was a new genus, he clearly listed the earlier name Pachydactylus Menge, 1868, indicating that the Menge name is preoccupied, so Lasaeola is actually a replacement name for Pachydactylus and the type species is thus P. pronous Menge, 1868.
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Simon, 1881a
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Simon, E. (1881a). Les arachnides de France. Tome cinquième, première partie. Roret, Paris, 1-180. download pdf

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